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With an amazing amount of destinations, we will find you the best prices available today. By comparing all available options, you are able to completely customize your trip to suit your needs and budgets. From economy to first, hostel to 5 star, there is something to suit everyone.


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By booking your flights and hotels through, you are completely missing out the ‘middle man" and making sure that you are getting the best prices out there. There are no agents fees or any other type of hidden costs. The price you see is the price you pay. In essence, you become you"re own travel agent and can book what you want when you want and where you want. It couldn"t possibly be more flexible than when booking through


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The beauty of is that you can quite literally book your flights from anywhere within the United States, at home, in the office or anywhere else for that matter. No more trips downtown to the travel agents to book your vacation. Book, fast and safely with immediate confirmation once your booking has gone through.



Some Tips For Booking The Cheapest Flights

  • If at all possible, plan in advance. Flights can come up for sale up to 11 months before the departure date. For most airline companies, this is the best way to get the cheapest flight tickets. These companies like full planes, so they will try to get them booked up early.
  • Some of the best deals can be had by leaving it until the last minute, but this is not advisable if it is a trip you have to take. If you"re flexible with your destinations and times of travel, you can get some fantastic deals. If you can do this, keep an eye out as these deals can be hard to beat!
  • Need to get away and don"t care where? Being flexible can often get you some amazing deals. Some charter flights operate during peak seasons to the most popular vacation spots and these are often run on tight margins by the travel companies, and therefore need to be as full as possible. These can often be great options for last-minute ticket deals.
  • If you don"t mind losing out on a bit of sleep, then you could be in luck. The earliest and latest departures quite often are the cheapest flights to take as they are the hardest to fill for the airline companies. Remember though to find out about public transport to the airport if decide to travel at very early or very late hours.
  • Remeber, the airfare may be cheap but there are always other costs to think about. What is the public transport like? Is the airport near to the main town? Will you be travelling to the airport in a car and if so, will you need a short-stay or long-stay car park? Sometimes these things can have hidden costs and work out more expensive than an airfare that costs slightly more to another destination.
  • Don"t like hanging around at airports? The very first flight of the day is usually very punctual as there is no one in front to hold it up.
  • If your destination is somewhere cold or snowy, wear your bulky clothes to save weight on your luggage and you will have the added benefit of being warm straightaway when you get there!


Flyusanywhere Guide To Booking A Hotel

  • How much do you want to spend? Move the filter to suit your price range (and your wallet!) – it"s worth noting, you can often find great last-minute deals even the most expensive areas. Often you can save money by going for a business package at a weekend as well. Get to know the cities you want to visit by doing some research – for example,  try Islington or Dulwich to find cheap London hotels.
  • Are you a full-on, cram-in-as-much-as-you-can type of tourist or are you a chilled out visitor? do you have a huge list of tourist sights to see, then you need to make sure you are able to access good transport links. If you prefer the chilled out coffee culture and take things at your own pace, then you may want to try Paris hotels in the Quartier Latin and Montmartre for the take-it-easy lifestyle.
  • Are you a culture enthusiast or a night-time party animal? India’s incredibly busy markets and crazy traffic can leave you just needing a rest in the evening – you can give yourself a luxury break by booking into New Delhi hotels to get away from it all. However, if nighttime is when you wake up and get going, then Buenos Aires hotels will get you close to the incredible Argentinien nightlife.
  • The other thing to bear in mind is the amount of time you will be spending in the hotel. Beijing hotels with their amazing infinity pools and beautiful skylines sound great, but if you have 30 sites to visit in 3 days, then you won"t have time to enjoy it!  But if you intend to slow down, chill out and rest the body and soul, then these may well be the place s for you.
  • If you’re away on business, then you will need somewhere to use the laptop in peace: Make sure the hotel has wifi and if no desk in the bedroom, then make sure there are suitable and quiet lounge areas.
  • If you have very early or very late flights, check to ensure you can access your room and that transport is available.
  • There are often cheap hotels close to railway stations, and these can be a great option if you are travelling out distances during the day.

So now all you have to do is choose your style: luxury hotels or cheap motel? Iconic buildings in the centre of cities or budget hostels? Is your trip a romantic one? Check out some of the beautiful hotels in Venice. You can compare all styles and prices here at

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