Small Islands You Should Visit

Little paradises hidden in the middle of an immense blue ocean are often considered the ideal vacation spot when thinking about relaxing and actually, we have to agree on that. It is true that overlooking crystal clear water while in the middle of nothing gives you a peaceful sensation so difficult to achieve nowadays but those tiny places can also offer a variety of things to do and you are sure to be surprised. Here we have selected the small islands you should visit in your lifetime and all the things you should enjoy while there.

In this list, you will see the best of the eight islands around the world, giving you ideas for your next vacation. All travelers are welcome to read this article as we have selected different islands and attractions for everybody, if you are looking for a place for your next romantic gateway or want to go on an adventure of a lifetime we have a destination for you. You just have one hard task to do now, read all the details and decide which small island you should go to now. After having making the difficult the decision of which place to go, you just need to book your flight on our website and have fun. Don’t forget to snap a pic and tag #flyustoparadise as we would love to see you in one of the places. So, let’s start planning your trip to at least one of these small islands you should visit.


This place will be the beautiful revelation and yet not so crowded by tourists, a piece of paradise just waiting for you and that is the reason Palawan is listed as one of the small islands you should go now.


St Lucia, Caribbean         

This tiny island goes above and beyond the idealistic white sand and crystal-clear water experience when thinking about the Caribbean, elevating it by offering additional green mountains and adventurous things to do. Castries is the capital city, located in Northern area of the island, where you will find beautiful beaches with resort’s structure. This area also keeps some secrets like see the national parrot from the island, visit the local market or try Caribbean food in one of the best restaurants in St Lucia, the Pink Plantation Island. Located 15 kilometers from Castries, Pigeon Island National Park brings the adventure to the North area. Once a pirate base, the national park offers trails and water activities like scuba diving in the same place, but a must thing to do while here is visiting Fort Rodney for a panoramic view.

If you want focus in the mountains, the Southwestern region of Soufrière & Pitons is the one to head to. This is a place with not so clear water but full of special places, in the volcano, Sulphur Spring is accessible by car and offers the possibility to take a thermal bath. The famous Pitons, two peaks – Though Gros Piton and Little Piton – provide a photogenic landscape for the area, are also located there. Nearby is hidden the famous Sugar Beach and if your idea is to stay there, the luxury Viceroy resort is the place to be.  When planning a trip to St Lucia, keep in mind the peak season runs from mid-December to April and the hurricane season is considered from June to November.

How to get there: a nine-hour flight from London will get you to Hewanorra International Airport, located 65 kilometers from Castries, in the Southern area of the island.


Menorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Menorca is a place to be slowly discovered, its small size gives the opportunity to relax and yet enjoy a full experience. And that is a reason why it is highly recommended to rent a car and road trip around the island giving you plenty of time to stop wherever you want, embracing the slow pace vibe. If you think driving would be exhausting, think twice as moving around its 700km2 should be no problem. Just to give you a heads up, from the capital city of Mahón to the historic city of Ciutadella de Menorca you will drive for just 47 kilometers through Me-1, the only road that crosses the island.

Discover a whole new world on your way to Ciutadella de Menorca, the classic crystal-clear beaches can be accessed by the main road of the island, as the cases of Cala Mitjana, Cala Macarella and Cala en Turqueta. As it is difficult to park around every single hidden beach, a good idea would be parking at Cala en Turqueta and walk to Macarella. Cala Mitjana is worth a stop itself by taking Me-22, after passing Ferreries. Close to Mahón are Binifadet, a charming winery on the island, and Cala en Porter, where the famous Cova d’en Xoroi, a bar built in the rocks and overlooking the sea, is located. Ciutadella de Menorca will present you with the historic sites as the cathedral and Plaza de la Libertad. Take your time to enjoy beautiful Menorca moving around as much as you want, just don’t forget to keep your batteries full as breathtaking views will be available in every stop.

How to get there: Direct seasonal flights from Gatwick, Luton, Bristol, Liverpool and Newcastle to Mahón airport.


Palawan, Philippines              

Palawan can be considered an island for water lovers, since the Philippines have 7,000-plus islands you will be able to discover hidden spots in this, not so popular destination. The capital city of Palawan is Puerto Princesa, where flights from Manila arrive, a day in the city will show a glimpse of what this island has to offer, but El Nido is the big surprise and where you should head to. On the way to El Nido, a stop at Long Beach in the fishing village of San Vicente are sure to bring the perfect combination of fresh seafood amongst a beautiful place.

El Nido is located in the Northern Palawan and home of hidden gems; its landscape provides cliffs surrounding blue water beaches that will impress any visitors. Here is also the gateway for Bacuit Archipelago where stunning little secret places are ready to be discovered, like the case of secret beach. It is easy to find guide tours offering excursions to visit a nearby archipelago and totally worth doing it, but give you a chance to discover El Nido environment as it is home of five species of sea turtle and ideal for snorkeling. This place will be the beautiful revelation and yet not so crowded by tourists, a piece of paradise just waiting for you and that is the reason Palawan is listed as one of the small islands you should visit.

How to get there: Local airlines fly directly from Manila, the capital city of Philippines, to Puerto Princesa, in Palawan. From there a 7-hour bus trip can take you to El Nido, it is possible to fly directly to El Nido but flights are scarce and overpriced.


Aitutaki, Cook Islands, South Pacific

The Cook Islands are 15 breathtaking pieces of land in the Pacific Ocean, located between New Zealand and Hawaii, United States. This area is divided in two: Northern and Southern groups with six and nine islets, respectively. Rarotonga is the main island and where the international airport is located, from there local flights transport travellers to other places. Here, we have selected Aitutaki Island to be your next destination just for the fact that it is the home of what is considered the world’s most beautiful lagoon. Aitutaki has also 15 islets and a main island, where travellers encounter infrastructures like accommodation and travel agencies.

A 45 minutes flight from Rarotonga will bring you to this paradise, considered excellent for water activities like kayaking, kitesurfing or sailing, just to name a few. Once in the main island, travel agencies offer a variety of tours to visit the islets around. It is even possible to book a visit to one just for yourself, a local tour guide prepares a picnic and takes travellers, usually couples, to where they are willing to spend some time. During a visit to

During a visit to Aitutaki you will be able to enjoy beautiful beaches but also some history, as the place has a WW II bunker built by American GI. You will be amazed by this little part of the world, like Tapuaeta’i with its white beaches and a deepwater channel with colourful fish. This tiny islet has the world smallest post office where it is possible to send a postcard and stamp your passport as a little souvenir from the Cook Islands.

How to get there: Direct flights from Auckland, Los Angeles, Sydney and Tahiti to Rarotonga International Airport. From there, just one more 45 minutes direct flight to Aitutaki Airport, located in the Northern area.


Vamizi Island, Quirimbas Archipelago, Mozambique

Here is a destination for travellers who want to be away from holophotes while enjoying almost completely privately, all the nature this tiny place in Mozambique can provide you. Vamizi offers the combination of a high-quality lodge and nature life all in one place, and all this structure will present you with upscale activities to elevate your time on the island. Accommodations offer privacy and are adapted for any kind of traveller, luxury villas host 10-16 people or you can pick private villas around the island.

During a time in Vamizi, travelers will enjoy a luxury time with massages, yoga or treatments if staying in the lodge, but it is also possible to go a little wild and do picnics around the island or get in a boat to swim in clear water. If you are not convinced this will be a different experience from any other island, here is the tip: the water beneath the boat is so clear that you will be able to see fish and coral very clearly under the water. Vamizi is also the home of Green and Hawksbill turtles, and if you have ever seen an animal in its own habitat you know how impressive it is. Couples looking for an unforgettable getaway or honeymoon will encounter in Vamizi, an event of a lifetime and definitely one of the small islands you should visit.

How to get there: Direct flights from Europe to Dar es Salaam in Tanzania and, Pemba, in Mozambique. From any of those destinations, a local flight will get you to the island. Make sure to check the luggage allowance in the local flight.


Kaua’i, Hawaii, USA

Also known as Garden Island, Hawaii’s oldest and northernmost island is the place for adventurous travelers. When planning a trip to this area and only thinking about doing nothing all day long, Kaua’i is here to prove you wrong. This is an island for travelers who are willing to achieve the best of an adventure destination as Kaua’i’s landscapes move from mountains to beaches just a few kilometers away.

In this small island of Hawaii, it is possible to relax on the beach, live the Hawaiian lifestyle, engage in sports or hike to waterfalls. It is unbelievable the attractions this little place has to offer. The land is divided into South and North Shore, which is accessible by car on a short road, less than 100 kilometres separating one area from another giving you the possibility to visit most attractions easily.

North Shore area can be considered more the surf lifestyle, yet providing access to the mountains. As for example, a hike to Hanakapi’ai Falls getting the views from Na Pali Coast is a recommended activity for experienced hikers, but even in this case a tour guided is always recommended. Na Pali Coast has also a 17-mile guided kayak tour from April to October and if you are into water sports, kayaking at Wailua River, the only navigable rive in Hawaii, should be on your list of things to do.

When in the South Shore, drive the Highway 500 for 22 kilometres to see the Waimea Canyon and here is an extra tip: driving 12 kilometres ahead you will be able to see Kalalau lookout. Exploring the island by helicopter can be a good idea for those willing to see Kaua’i deeper, accessing remote areas and breathtaking landscapes. If you are not sure about the remote areas, most of the Jurassic Park movie was filmed here and during these tours, you will be able to see it by yourself. We couldn’t finish this topic without talking about beaches and one of the best is Po’ipu, where you cannot only enjoy the beach itself but also see unforgettable sunsets.

How to get there: Direct flight from the west coast of USA and Canada are available to travellers. A flight from San Francisco, Los Angeles and Vancouver, among other cities, will fly you straight to the Garden Island. If visiting Honolulu, a 40 minutes flight will get you to Kauai.


Huahine, Tahiti, French Polynesia

French Polynesian islands often bring to your mind an ideal crystal water paradise and that is totally true, but choosing Huahine as your next destination will be the combination of crystal blue water and also vibrant green forest. You will continue to have the possibility to relax in white sands but also with the opportunity to visit plantations and archaeological sites. Due to its fertile soil, Huahine has coconut plantations, banana and breadfruit trees and vanilla orchids all around. Local travel agencies offer four-wheel tours to visit these hidden spots, covering history, nature and the people that make this tiny land special.

If you are intrigued by the fertile soil, take a look around its land and note the mountain shape. According to local history, Huahine means woman and the mountain resembles a pregnant female, confirming the attribute of a fertile island. Water sports are also available there and you can choose among snorkelling in the natural aquarium, riding a jet ski or sports fishing. This is an island to go slow, staying in a hotel overlooking the sea and picking daily a new place to go. Even though Huahine is divided into Huahine Nui and Huahine iti, the area has only eight small villages but full of nature spots for you to discover, which of course will include breathtaking beaches you are looking for.

How to get there: 40 min flight from Papeete, Tahiti. Flights from London to Papeete are available with stops in the USA and/or Europe.

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