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If relaxing in a place just for yourself is what you consider a fair vacation, this list is for you. We have selected here areas on earth where crowds are not a known description, and chances are high you will be one of a few travelers to explore them. It is a fact that big cities don’t match with a remote vacation description, but in our list of remote vacations to get away from it all, you will notice that well-known countries have specific areas for those looking to take the slow mode on.

Be prepared as those places are often far away from home and is highly recommended to get some extra hours (or days) just to get to it, but you can trust us that you won’t be disappointed. If being by yourself and with loved ones is your priority, start reading our list and making plans right away as words spread fast nowadays. Are you ready to book your flight to your own paradise?



 The same name DreamWorks animation showcases this African island and adventures from its local animals through a cartoon experience, which was a success among kids, but in reality, this is one of the best destination to get away from it all. A place not yet popular among travelers and with abundant nature to make any explorer jump on an airplane right now and fly to Madagascar, an island just outside Mozambique, in Africa continent.madagascar flyusanywhere

A little research will show you the Avenue of Baobabs, trees with a characteristic shape dated from up 800 years ago, are located in the western area of Madagascar. Nature continues in small islands around the country as the case of Nosy Be, with the combination of beaches and parks or in Ile Sainte Marie, a 57 kilometers long small island northeast of Madagascar.

This can be considered big country with activities and nature in all over its lands, as examples: on southeastern region the Ranomafana National Park is a popular option among travelers, northeast is home to Masoala National Park which is a rainforest park with three marine parks included, eastern is where Andasibe-Mantadia National Park and its eleven-lemur species are located and this doesn’t stop there as southwest hides Ifaty, two fishing villages to relax.

Have you ever thought about Madagascar cuisine? It is a mixture of African and French cuisine, an unexpected combination that seems to work really well.

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Zavkhan, Mongolia

Mongolia is a remote country itself, due partly to its localization and part to its exoticness. Among some of the destinations to be away from it all, lays Zavkhan province, which may be considered for some an empty space on earth, but actually hides with breathtaking natural attractions.

Zavkhan, Mongolia flyusanywhereLocated 1,100 kilometers away from the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, it will be in Zavkhan where it is possible to find the scenario where desert and mountains get together. In the sands, horse-riding is a common activity among travelers, while hiking is a daily exercise.

Otgonteger mountain is a star in Zavkhan, framing the nature with its snow-capped peak and a visit to the same name national park to hike through it until reaching Lake Badarkhundaga is a good way to explore this area. Lakes are also popular in Zavkhan, specially Lake Khar providing colorful blue shapes to a brownish color palette difficult to get away from your mind.

If that gets your attention, it is good to know that Ider River will also provide spectacular landscapes. Add to your things to do there, stops in small villages and you are sure to be surprised by their singularities, as the case of Tsetserleg and its local monastery Zayan Gegeen.

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Cape York Peninsula, Australia

If you are thinking is not possible to be that remote in Australia, probably you have never heard about Cape York Peninsula.

Cape York Peninsula, Australia flyusanywhere

Located in the North tip of Australia, Cape York is approximately 2.000 kilometers away from Queensland, but once in there, you will have plenty of activities to do as this is a vast region. Tiny islands, small communities and beautiful beaches are popular places in Cape York.

On Lower Cape near Cairns, you will find Chillage-Mungana Caves National Park and beaches like Daintree. On the top tip of the region, Fruit Bat Falls waterfalls are a must do. When in this part of Cape York, a visit to Torres Strait Heritage Museum located in Horn Island and showcasing the military history can be interesting.

Add to your activities a hiking at Grassy Hill Lookout in Cooktown which gives a 360-degree view of this town, and when in there a stop at the Botanic Gardens is a good option. Cape York Peninsula choice to be on our list of remote vacations to get away now is ideal for curious families who like to discover new places slowly as activities are for all ages and perfect to do along with your loved ones.

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Easter Island, Chile 

Probably one of the most intriguing places on earth, Easter Island, also known as Rapa Nui by its native Polynesian inhabitants, is home of the famous Easter Island, Chile flyusanywhereMoais. If you have never heard about them, it is important to know as they will be around when you visit the island.

These stone carved statues are similar to a human characteristic, dated from somewhere in between 1250 and 1500. Most of them are located close to the shore of this 163.6 square kilometers island and are postcards from this part of the world. Even though located in Chile, Easter Island is actually isolated from the country which are separated by 3.700 kilometers, ideal for those looking for a remote vacation place.

In case you are interested in Moais, start your visited at Rano Raraku National Park where almost half of the Moais are located and go watch the sunset at Tongariki, again it will be possible to check the Moais but with a natural twist.

For a breathtaking view, consider hiking to Maunga Terevaka point which is the highest point in the island. Adventure lovers should write down an extra tip: it is possible to enjoy the island by bike, just be prepared and let the wind guide you to this place in Chile. As the country is highlighted in 2018, you cannot miss the opportunity to get to know a totally different Chile than you have ever seen.

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Pantanal, Brazil

This area in Brazil is almost a secret spot, even among Brazilians. A sacred wildlife region where it is possible to see: blue-and-yellow macaw, giant anteater, crested caracara, rhea and piranha are among the unique species found in Pantanal.Pantanal, Brazil flyusanywhere

In case you are wondering where Pantanal is situated in the map, it is good to know its land is located far away from the shore, closer to Bolivia and Paraguay border, and travelers must get there either from Cuiaba or Campo Grande, cities in Brazil.

When planning your trip to Pantanal a big tip is to book your adventures with a reliable travel agency and the recommendation is to research carefully, ideally reading reviews and reliable blogs. As the land is widespread and infrastructure is scarce counting on a professional is mandatory. Activities in the region are aimed to see animals and explore the wetland lifestyle, be prepared to do outdoors tours in which animals are your priority.

Watching sunsets and sunrises are also a must do while visiting Pantanal, where the time slows down and nature is king. If you are looking to really be away from it all, here is a place to be and if you are travelling with a kid, you are sure to get extra points when presenting this place.

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Here is a remote and curious place in our list of remote vacations to get away from it all as Antarctica brings the feeling of achieving something big, seeing a part of the world few can say have seen antartica flyusanywherebefore. It is true you will have to deal with cold weather, but actually that is a topic that makes Antarctica even more special.

Ushuaia, in Argentina, is the closest city in the continent to get to Antarctica, which is separated by 1.000 kilometers from each other. Once in there, cruises will bring you to this remote place and you can start explore what Antarctica is all about.

A variety of science facilities are located in the island, studying marine life and environment, so spot scientists working is a natural thing. If you are intrigued by what this remote vacation can present, here are some options: Lemaire Channel, which runs for 11 kilometers with mountains surrounding the waters, the Deception Island and its active volcano and, discovering the past by visiting a hut, as the case of Shackleton which was erected in 1908 or Cape Evans, the hut from 1910-1913 Terra Nova expedition.

Activities are uncountable as whale watching, kayaking, camping and visiting penguins are just some examples on what you will be able to do. There is no place like Antarctica to getaway now and explore a totally different piece of the world.

A Cruise Ship is the best option for visits to the Antartica.


Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a country close to Venezuela, where you can enjoy this part of the Caribbean with summer weather all year long atmosphere. Even though this is a two-island country, visiting the smaller one is a certain destination to get away from it all. Tobago is 42 kilometers away from Trinidad and only 55 kilometers separate North and South points in the island, making it a place to take things slow but still enjoying the most of a country.Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago flyusanywhere

It is true you will be surrounded by nature and that is what you will mostly see while visiting the country. Starting your trip visiting the Pigeon Point, close to Crown Point, can be a smart idea.

There is an entrance fee to enjoy all infra structure available which offers bar and change rooms, per example. Once in there, it is worth to check the Buccoo Reef and Nylon Pool. On the other side of the island, a tiny uninhabited island full of trails is available to visit and aimed for adventurous travelers.

Halfway from both points noted above, a stop at Englishman’s Bay is a spot where you will spend a quality time in Tobago. This is an ideal destination for those looking for a road trip and a relaxing moment during vacation, if this describes you booking a trip to Tobago should be on your next travel plans.

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Lake Baikal, Russia

Probably that is your first time reading about Lake Baikal, that is because it is not a popular destination yet. A remote place in Russia that will show the beauty of this country that is in the Lake Baikal, Russia flyusanywherespotlight for 2018, as it will host the World Cup football tournament.

That being said here is a good excuse to add Lake Baikal to your bucket list for the next year. Lake Baikal is considered the oldest lake in the world, dating from 25-35 million years old, and the deepest lake on earth, holding 20% of the world’s unfrozen fresh water.

There is plenty of activities to do in the area as its size is equal to Belgium, where open air activities are mandatory and engaging in part of the 2.000 kilometers long trails that encircle Lake Baikal is a must-do. Don’t miss a visit to the surrounding villages along the lake, as example, Bolshie Koty, and discover a new way of living in this part of the world.

The closest cities to Lake Baikal are Irkutsk, Ulan-Ude and Slyundyanka, it is possible to fly to Irkutsk and Ulan-Ude but one of the coolest way to get there is by travelling the Trans-Siberian railroad. Also known as “Siberian Paris”, Irkutsk can be a good option to stay while visiting the area.

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Aogashima, Japan

Here is an option for travelers who are really willing to be away from it all as Aogashima island in Japan offers one of the best definitions of isolation. Located 358 kilometers to the south Tokyo in the Philippine Sea, the island is administered by the Tokyo city government but yet to be explored by worldwide travelers.Aogashima, Japan flyusanywhere

If you are looking for a remote vacation destination Aogashima won’t disappoint, just to get there is an adventure, the easiest way to visit is by helicopter from Hachijojima, an island in the North which is only accessible by plane or 10-hour overnight ferry from Tokyo.

Once in the island, you will discover a town in an active volcano. Even though the last activity was detected in 1785, the approximately 160 residents live quietly with the volcano as part of their life, including the sulfur smell.

Nature reigns on the island and a ‘no service’ message will be constantly on your phone, giving a good tip for you to be outdoors. Natural saunas are available around the island and make a note to stop at Fure-ai sauna as it is the most popular. Stargazing, hiking and camping are among other favorite things to do while in there.

Aogashima is a destination to forget about the world and embrace this tiny place in Japan that is totally different from anything you have expected from this country.

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