Read The World: Travel-Themed Books For Children

Books have the ability to show another world to readers, they present adventures and stories that make our imagination fly away. What if you can transform those creations into reality? That is possible with itineraries created based on books, and here we have selected travel-themed books for children showing how to travel the world based on those stories. You will see that you can make your kids engage in trips, if you show them the possibility of getting to know the place they have been reading about.

In our list of travel-themed books for children you will see options for all ages, even toddlers and babies have their space into the curious life of readers. It is amazing of how many possibilities a book can bring to your family and you will discover how cool it is to discover it with your loved ones.

We have selected a variety of books for all ages, from classics to modern series, you will sure to find a book for any children. By the end you will also discover how to enhance your experience by presenting activities to do during your trip. Are you excited to show a new world to the kids? We are! Here we go.


Tintin in Tibet

A plane crash in the Himalayas with no survivors intrigues our curious character Tintin. When he sees that among the passenger was Chang, his friend, he decides to embark in a journey to rescue Chang and this begins his trip to go trekking in Nepal.

In the book you will go in an adventure with our beloved explorer through snow and a story that makes your kid glued to the book. If you have antintin in tibet flyusanywhere explorer at home, it is good to know that travelling through the Himalayas with little ones is possible. Ideal for 10+ years old, depending on lifestyle, this is a hike for kids who have experienced trekking in the past. Its 83 miles round trip can be done between 11 to 15 days, as it is necessary some days for acclimatization.

First of all, your priority should be keep your family healthy by hiring a reliable guide that makes sure safety comes first. The guide will help you to adapt to weather conditions, do acclimatization hikes and will know how to deal with any inconvenience.

Another valuable tip is to stay in teahouses, which are basically a hotel with minimum comfort. This will provide a good night sleep for your family and make the trip even more pleasant. Once prepared, enjoy the sacred mountains and landscapes adventurous travelers are so excited about, and your children are sure to never forget.

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Tintin in America: Our reporter travels to Chicago, USA, and among its adventures he is kidnapped by Al Capone and discover underground secrets.

Flight 714 to Sydney: On his way to Sydney, in Australia, the plane stops for refueling in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. Then, Tintin has another adventure ahead of him involving mystery along with his best friend, Snowy.


Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton series

Not only one book from this series will grab the attention from your little explorer at home. Geronimo and Thea Stilton are siblings who have always an adventure ahead of them, with over 100 books published you will have plenty of places to go with your little ones. In “Mystery in Venice” title, Geronimo discovers a message from someone in Venice, Italy, asking for help and then starts a plot full of excitement.Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton series

When in Venice with kids, add some fun by asking them to look for lions in architecture, as history tells St Mark is the patron saint of Venice and its representation, a winged lion, is everywhere in the city. In “Thea Stilton and the Madagascar Madness” kids will be fascinated by this nature destination where animals and landscapes make the combination for any adventurous kid, you can check what to do in Madagascar in our blog Remote vacations to getaway from it all. The book “Bollywood Burglary” brings Geronimo Stilton to India in an assignment to protect his friend’s ruby and he turns into a star in a Bollywood movie. A good start in India with kids is in New Delhi exploring a big city and its history, then heading to Agra to see Taj Mahal is a sure shot for a successful trip. Mumbai is another option for a more modern India, where Bollywood and shopping are more popular among travelers.

All books from the series Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton are recommended for ages 7-10, and are fresh series with new books launching every year. It is a good way to keep children reading and still providing knowledge about places in the world. In case your kids like it already, you can find additional information at Geronimo Stilton website.

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Canada series: Travel with toddlers through Canada in this series by Paulo Covello, with “Canada ABC” kids will learn the letters, “Canada 123” shows the numbers, and “Toronto ABC” will present the alphabet through the biggest city in Canada.


Spin the globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

Six destinations around the world are available in this series by Ed Moldenhauer and here they are: Australia, Norway, Peru, Belize, Nepal and Morocco. In case you are planning a trip to one of those places, here is a great book to incite your kid as it will present the culture through its people.Spin the globe: The Incredible Adventures of Frederick von Wigglebottom

The book “Alpacas in the Andes” is about exploring Cusco, in Peru. Not only the entrance to visit Machu Picchu, the ancient Inca citadel, which is a must visit place while in the country, Cusco is also a pleasant surprise. The city breaths history and it is highly recommended to visit Coricancha, the Sun Temple.

Tours around the city are available all year long, and in this case, add to your list a visit to Sacred Valley and Pisac and Moray. Culture is also a big deal in Belize, this tiny country in the Central America and where “Turtles of the Reef” is set.

Not only crystal-clear beaches and the Barrier Reef are available in this country, but also history in its Maya’s Ruins like Caracol and Xunantuich. This is a great country to have a slow vacation and yet discovering a new place in the world, kids are sure to be surprised by its attractions.

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My Little Cities series: The BabyLit series was created to introduce classic literature for babies through board books. Part of this series is devoted to cities and called “My Little Cities” series, in which the author Jennifer Adams explores San Francisco, New York, Paris and London.




Before heading to Paris, why don’t start with a classic book set in the city? That is the case of Madeleine, by Ludwig Bemelmans. Eiffel Tower should be your first stop, not only because it stamps Ludwig Bemelmansthe first book cover but also is close to Madeleine’s boarding school.

If possible, visit by the moonlight to explore the same experience as the cover. Add to your trip a visit to Notre Dame, the Opera House and Luxembourg Gardens. Don’t forget to stop at Pont Neuf and snap a pic of your little one, as it was here where Madeleine felt into the Seine River. In case you think Paris is an adult destination, after reading Madeleine children you will sure be inspired to travel to the city.

It is not only in the city of love Madeleine explores, in “Madeleine and the Cats of Rome” she will experience the capital city of Italy. If you want to make sure your kids have the same experience as Madeleine, here are four attractions you should add to your trip: the Sistine Chapel, St Peter’s Square, Spanish Steps and Fiumi Fountain. All Madeleine books are recommended for 4-7 years old, but adults will be in love with this little explorer.

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Madeleine success have been adapted to movies, the newest one being the “Madeleine – Lost in Paris” from 2011 and also series, dated from 2002 to 2015, which the latest release was “Madeleine: The Complete Collection” with 59 episodes.

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Around the world in 80 days

Pack your bags and travel through the world with your kids, as the book “Around the world in 80 days” by Jules Vernes. It doesn’t show only one destination, but places all over the world. Set in 1872, this classic book makes possible to travel the world in only 80 days. Can you imagine how would it be today?

Around the world in 80 daysThe itinerary counts over 20 stops, but it is also possible to split the trip in small ones. One part of the trip was through the USA, a trip by train involving five cities, and here we recommend to do as a road trip. Not only roads are well preserved in the country as it gives you freedom to stop in many additional attractions.

In the book they start in Salt Lake City, then Medicine Bow, Omaha, Chicago and New York, in a total of over 3.500 kilometers. If you want to do the same route, when in Salt Lake City in Utah state, it is worth to drive extra hours or 170 kilometers to get to Arches National Park, where natural arches formations are the big attractions. Back in Salt Lake City, a stop in Clark Planetarium and The Leonardo, a science museum, will sure be a surprise for little curious minds.

How about a stop in Omaha for a relaxing day? Fun-Plex waterpark will sure entertain the kids while relaxing parents. When in Chicago, plenty of attractions are available for the family, museums like Museum of Science and Industry is a place for kids where adults also have fun and, Shedd Aquarium is a popular spot to engage little kids. Last but not least, New York never disappoints.

From famous museums to parks, innumerable attractions are available for all ages. If you want to go above and beyond with kids in this destination, try “City Trails – New York” by Lonely Planet and leave them to make the itinerary.

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City Trails by Lonely Planet: New York is part of this series, but other popular cities are also included and deserve a book themselves, as the case of London, Paris, Rome, Sydney, Tokyo and Washington DC.



Letters from a Lost Uncle

This book tells a story lived by an uncle who has never seen his nephew but decides to send letters from his experience in frozen lands. Here is a travelogue which kids can use its imagination and be excited to travel to a snow destination.Letters from a Lost Uncle

Through the book, the uncle describes his adventures in the white nature along with his tortoise mutant Jackson in search from a white lion. It will be in Canada where you your kids can be closer to this environment. In Churchill, Manitoba province, is where you will be able to see polar bears and embrace the great white north country in its all definition.

It won’t be only bear that will attract the kids, but belugas and northern lights are among the attractions. It is highly recommended to visit the Prince of Wales Fort and the Eskimo museum as they will provide you with the full experience in this part of the world.

It is not easy to get there, but totally possible, starting by flying to Winnipeg and then taking a train to Churchill is the most popular option among travelers. Even though the book is recommended to 9-12 readers, the whole family will be happy in this trip.

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Winter holiday: Arthur Ransome brings friends to a North Pole expedition and all the excitement in the race to the Arctic.



Pack your bags

During your trip bringing the book that inspired the itinerary will change the way your family see the destination, but you can make even better by bringing activity and reference books to engage your kids. Here is a list of things to enhance your family experience.

Doodle Spots : An activity book ideal for age 5 and up, this book can be used anywhere in the world as it shows general scenes likely to happen during a trip. Kids will also be able to create their own experience transforming it in a travelogue.

My Family Travel Map: Create a map in this activity book, with more than 150 stickers to plan your trips or make memories, it also provides information about destinations around the world.

Travel Doodles – Amazing Scenes to Create and Complete: Perfect when travelling for places with no wi-fi access or a good way to keep your kids away from technology, this book offers plenty of travel-themed drawings to be completed.

Amazing World Atlas: Curious kids will be happy with this full of information world atlas in which maps and detailed information about the world are available. It is a good book to engage conversations among family members, an extra tip here is to keep it closer during the whole trip and you will start to notice curious kids with shinning eyes.



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