Traxxas Aton Quad-Rotor Helicopter

Amazing-performance, tough, and easy to use, that’s what the Traxxas Aton is known for. These qualities have been engineered into the Traxxas Aton as standard. This unique sport drone is the ultimate in drones.

The Traxxas Aton takes the enjoyment of flying to an entirely new level. With 3 selectable modes to choose from, it is easy for anyone to fly the Traxxas Aton.  The Traxxas Aton is also amazingly versatile. Very quickly, you can capture the world around you with the awesome aerial footage from the quality camera. The Traxxas Aton is a joy to use and easy to fly.

With such great features as Air Brakes, GPS, Return-to-Home, Six-Axis Stabilization, and Push-Button Tricks, the sky really is the limit.

The Traxxas Aton is the kind of drone that you would expect from Traxxas.

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The Traxxas Aton Quad-Rotor Helicopter is an incredible drone and gives you the best of both worlds: with an awesome 50+ mph speed in sports mode and an ultra-stable camera platform in film mode.
the Traxxas Aton includes a fixed mount in your action camera and a strong 3000 mAh 3s LiPo battery for stunt aerobatics.

Simple for new flyers with an easy-to-use Dual-mode GPS,  Newly designed air brakes and a reliable Go-back to Home feature; It is also very exciting for advanced flyers with its extreme agility

The Traxxas Aton Quad has a very tough composite frame with high visibility LED lighting fixtures, and extremely simple to read LED status bar.

Fully customizable with dozens of various color and light-weight combinations, the Traxxas Aton includes fast 3-amp LiPo balance charger.

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