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Nowadays it is easy to find travel agencies and it seems reliable to go in a place where a person can decide your next vacation. On the other hand, you will know everything that is going to happen, the exactly time on each day and sometimes will be stuck with activities you don’t want to do. Even though it seems comforting, you lose the pleasure of investigate your next place and also spend more than your pocket can afford.

Planning a trip by yourself can be a challenge, but it is also rewarding. It is true you will be responsible for all the choices, hits and mistakes, but it will worth it. When you do the planning, it gives you flexibility, helps save money and also provides the satisfying sensation while completing your tasks. The benefits of arranging your own travel are innumerous and help you to create a personalized experience. Your trip has a new meaning, it begins before you step on the other place and starts when you decide to go.

Here is an extra tip that can save you time and effort: use your travel connections. The internet is full of resources and valuable information, but also talking to your friends will present good tips. They can be a source of incredible experiences. Below are all the steps you will need to do for your next trip to become real. Welcome aboard on becoming your own travel agency.

Do your homework

Most travellers have already a list of places where they want to go. So, you may think this should be an easy task but, actually, here you will spend most of your time. Research the place you want to go, ask yourself what you want to see and enjoy during your trip. Taking notes and reading about your destination is really important: list the attractions, places and activities you would like to enjoy in your destination. Check the weather and what will be happening in the city when you will be there. By this time, you will also have an idea about the time of your travel, so you will be able to decide if you will be visiting a city or if your choice will be a multi-destination. Furthermore, if you are willing to travel abroad, make sure your passport is valid. Get yourself a decent notepad/diary here.

Another essential point that most travellers forget to do is to make a plan B, C, D and counting. Make as many plans as possible. This will help you to not be frustrated if your first option does not go through. Once more, here is when you will use your travel connections gathering as much information as possible, but don’t make this a big deal.

Think this step more like browsing, just looking for information about some places in order to make your decision. So, recapitulating what you need to research: destination, attractions, activities, weather, events, basic information on how to get there and average prices on accommodation, flights, food and attractions. This last topic is really important and will make the difference when turning your planning into reality.


Let’s place your options into a real perspective. Everybody has a budget aimed to leisure and now it is your time you define it. The research gave you a good idea of what you want versus the value associated with it and, starts to create a scenario for yourself. If you’re thinking about going abroad, remember to consider the exchange rate for the country. By this point you will see that is possible to travel if planning is well done, it will be also the point where your destination starts to be achievable.

One positive point now is the possibility to spread the payments. Planning in advance allows paying in different stages. Booking flights and accommodation will be an earlier stage, some months away for the real trip, organising documents is a later stage and the money spent on the trip is ahead. During the journey between planning and the travel itself additional costs may occur, so calculate an extra budget for them. Furthermore, estimate an additional 10-20% on top of what you have researched. It is not mandatory but will help you a lot. Remember when travelling with a travel agency, there is always activities not included and you get the surprise once in the destination, so plan this extra ahead for yourself, if you don’t use it, it will be an extra for your savings or a treat during the trip.

Define your dates

This will be the easy step. Most people usually have a specific period of time to enjoy a time off of their obligations. It is a reward for all the hard work done during the daily routine. In this step, you will need to identify the dates for your travel. Once done, you will have the days and month in which will present new information to help you choose your destination. It will also be easier to plan your trip if you leave a longer time until the start date but if closer, don’t panic. It is still possible to plan a good trip in a short space of time. After all, travel agencies do this all the time.


Now starts the fun stuff. At first, research budget and dates and make sure you have enough information to finally make your
decision. So, here is the time to set your priorities. Dates will be the main point to help build the itinerary. Depending on how many days you have, it is possible to choose one or more cities or staying in just one place in order to enjoy it deeper. Also, the time of the year will set the weather you will experience there. For example, if you are really into beach vacation but the destination of your choice will be cold winter during that specific period, it is better to change it. Let’s not forget about the budget, but you will see in the previous steps we have already given in the overview what you have needed to make the best decision. Travel books are a great source of inspiration.


Depending on your plan, some documents are necessary. This is a really crucial task and requires full attention. If you decide to travel abroad, remember that each country has their own specifics. Some of them may request vaccines or visas, which can take some time to apply to. Vaccines usually are uncomplicated but can add a step to your planning.

It is also important to check for health insurance. During the research, always inquire for more than one quotation, so you can compare prices and value. Also, make sure it covers activities you plan to do, like adventure sports, for example. Another relevant point is about emergency assistance and how is the availability for your destination. It is essential to keep those instructions on hand in case of necessity. You don’t want to suffer anything on your trip, but you never know and it is always a good idea to be safe than sorry. These are all things that travel agencies would remind you of at the time of booking.

Book your flight

According to a recent study by Expedia Inc. and Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC), the average ticket prices are dropping around the world. It is helping travellers to make their dreams come true, as it is easier to find good deals on the internet. Our website is excellent at helping you find the best deals without the extra commission that travel agencies charge. It is possible to search for a multi-city route and set your options such as the number of stops and favourite airlines. We will search the best airlines and online travel agencies deals for you.

There is also another fun option; in our map research engine, you will be able to set a price range to find the next cheapest flight to a variety of destinations. This search is based on your dates available and price range and the engine will show where the destinations available are, based on the information provided. Basically, our search engine will do the hard work for you.

The study mentioned above provides valuable information for travellers. Based on data from January to October 2016, it was discovered that the best day to book a flight ticket is Sunday, as surprisingly as it may seem, furthermore it can be possible to save up to 30% on tickets for Europe and 17% domestically. Usually, the idea of buying an air ticket as early as possible is a tip everybody follows, but the same research shows that it is not like that all the time. The research demonstrated that customers who booked more than 21 days in advance were able to find excellent deals but there were also some great last minute deals to be had online which are not always available through travel agencies.

One additional point to help you save money is bundling services. Booking flight and accommodation together can provide big savings. Our website tracks the best flight deals combined with great accommodation options. In the next step, it will be time to decide where to sleep, but keep in mind to take into consideration booking the two services together.

Where to stay

This is really a big decision and can change your entire experience. The first step is the localisation. During the previous research, you will notice the best neighbourhoods and probably your first instinct will be to stay there, but when the price comes up it can be a big surprise. It is true some cities require an excellent localisation in order to enjoy the most of your stay, but actually, you can follow some tips in order to make the best decision. If the neighbourhood you want to stay is so expensive, take a look in the surrounding areas and prices can be a surprise, or maybe a farthest neighbourhood can also be charming, save you some money and be accessible by an easy public transportation ride, which brings us to the second step.

The only question here will be how to walk around the place and then it is time to think about transportation during your stay. If visiting a big city, public transportation can be your friend, so research about how to access your hotel and walk around the attractions. On the other hand, some places require a rental car and in that case, it is wise to check the hotel’s parking lot, especially the prices.

The third step is to check about hotels offerings such as wi-fi accessibility, amenities, breakfast or if any other meal is included. It is really important to read the reviews, they will provide information about previous visitors and what they experienced there. Make sure to select the type of beds and any other request during your booking and also read the cancellation policy carefully. Following these steps, it will make it much easier in the long run and ensure the best accommodation for your budget.

Plan your itinerary

After the first research, when the dream starts to take shape, here is when it does get real. You have the destination, flights and accommodation ready to go, and now it is time to organise your activities for when you arrive. Most travellers love this part because it feels you already started to travel. A good start is thinking about transportation around town, if you have decided to rent a car, think now about distances and parking lots available. If you are into public transportation it is important to check which transport is available and their fares. Most public transportation offer cheaper tickets for a longer period.

Remember to check attractions time and dates of operations, prices and if it is necessary to book in advance. It is important to note the hours tourists usually spend in there so you can be prepared. Depending on the attraction it can take a day just to visit it, so checking that information is crucial. Research the local restaurants and supermarkets to ensure your gastronomic experience is a good one. Each country and city present new flavors, and it would be a regret not to try them. Take a look at local dishes and restaurants, as this is an experience that will be as individual as the place itself. Supermarkets are also great for travellers, as it helps saving money while trying local food. Additionally, it is a place to buy snacks and water to carry on during your daily activities. All these delights are unavailable to the standard holiday goer who has booked their package trip through travel agencies.

Make sure your itinerary is reliable, giving time to move from one place to another. It is a good tip to make your itinerary for each day with attractions nearby, otherwise, you will spend most of your time moving around. Last but not least, allow yourself time to relax, just walk around and feel your destination, it can amaze you.


When you arrive at this step, your trip is ready to go. Here will be only some simple tips to keep in mind before starting your adventure. First of all, give yourself some time to organize everything smoothly. Start by following the air flight company luggage size and weight rules and also consider your transportation during the trip. If backpacking, packing light is the best decision. Make sure you double-check the weights as travel agencies often get this wrong.

Actually, when possible packing light is always a great option. There is a high possibility you will buy souvenirs during your trip and it will increase the weight of your luggage. When you pack light, extra fees charged for being overweight will be avoided on your way back. Remember that usually there is laundry service in the city, if not in the hotel. Always place some clothes in your carry-on luggage, in case your bag doesn’t arrive on time. Fingers crossed this will never happen, but do your homework. Even though you are going to a summer destination, for example, bring some clothes to suit cold weather as you will never know what may happen.

Don’t forget to pack your documents (health insurance confirmation, vaccines, copy of passport and driver’s license, to name a few), print your itinerary and for safety reasons, tell someone where you’re heading and provide them with you itinerary and hotel details. Organise any usual medicines and bring them with you and in the case of controlled medicines make sure to follow the airlines’ procedures. Following these tips helps to prevent any concerns before your travel.

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The time has arrived!

If travelling abroad, arrive at the airport at least 4 hours earlier and, consider arriving 2 hours for domestic ones. This will allow you some time to check-in your bags, pass security, find the gate and relax before the flight. Before leaving your home, remember to check everything and ensure your home is safe to be left unattended for a while. It is recommended to make a checklist with these steps so you don’t forget anything.

WOW! It’s done.

Now it is time to relax. You have managed to be your own travel agency making the most of your travel connections to plan your trip. You were able to save some money and make the trip of your dreams, following your desires to experience the places you have always wanted to go to. Once you have accomplished your first trip, you will notice it becomes easier every time you do it. Now, the door is closing and you are ready to go. Have a nice trip and don’t forget – book your flights and hotels at and forget using travel agencies….

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