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Pictures are memories from our history, they make sure we never forget moments we have experienced. Here at, we love great photos, as they make holidays come to life. When travelling they become part of your actions as we are seeing new places so different from what we call home. Here we check out some of the best online photography courses available.

So, nothing better than elevating your memories with high quality pictures and that is the reason we have selected online photography courses for travelers. You won’t be only inspired by photographers, but actually learn from them every step to take your best shot.

Most courses for travelers present techniques and also provide tips on how to travel better. In this list, more than five courses are available for you to get knowledge on photography and capture the moments on your next trip. Ready to learn more? So, say cheese.


  1. New York Institute of Photography

New York Institute of Photography (NYIP) promotes this successful online photography course for people who are willing to take travel pictures like a professional. Understanding the world is an important point of view taken into consideration in this course so students can develop the ability to become a travel photographer.flyusanywhere online photography

In the 4 units offered it is possible to go deeper into the skills of not only improving your eye, but also learn techniques and how to be on the road while taking photos, as example, lesson 1.3 discusses about travel photography equipment. During the course you will have your photos evaluated by professional travel photographers and by the end of the period it is possible to see how your skills have improved.

It creates a photo project which can be your future portfolio, in case you want to make it a profitable experience. In a go on your own pace style, you have up to 18 months to complete this course and if you feel in the beginning it is not for you, a 14 days refund policy is applicable.

By completing this course, you receive a certificate in Certified Professional Photographer. Ranked 4.9 out of 5 by students, this is the opportunity to learn from professionals and getting the respect of having a New York Institute of Photography certificate.

Investment: in full ($649USD) or monthly ($59USD, in a total of $899)

New York Institute of Photography


  1. How to become a travel photographer by Superstar Blogging

Nomadic Matt website is made by an author who changed his life to become a professional traveler, not only writer but the whole package as filmmaking and photography are among his skills. Author of more than 10 books, including the New York Times best seller “Travel the World on $50 a day” he is now the producer for Superstar Blogging Online Media School, offering courses to write, film and photograph travels.

In his course about travel photography, Matt paired up with Laurence Noah, a professional photographer with an extended curriculum in famous media companies, to share with you all the knowledge from their experience on the road. During the 8-week course you will understand your camera and how to enhance your photos with lessons on editing, managing lights, composition, long-exposure and flash, just to name some subjects.

If you are not familiar with those terms, this is the course for you. Each lesson has assignments with feedback from Laurence and still you get exclusive photographers interview in order to understand how they see the world. In case you are looking to make extra money, it is good to know that they offer lessons on how to create an online platform and start your own business.

This is an ideal course on a budget for those starting a career or looking to improve travel experiences.

Investment: in full ($89USD) or 3 payments of $33USD.

How to become a travel photographer by Superstar Blogging


  1. Creative Life

Creative Life website does not promote only one course, but uncountable opportunities for photography lovers. This is an excellent platform to go deeper into specific contents for beginners.

Courses available in the website give students a lifetime access and the opportunity to watch lessons offline. Before you buy your classes, it is possible to have an overview of what to expect from the course, but it is good to know that most of them have a 100% satisfaction among students.

Most classes are within $99-149 USD price range, but finding deals is not difficult and seasonal sales offer classes for $15 USD, limited time offer. Additionally, every day they offer free live classes on a diverse of subjects, including photography, and to access them you just need to click here.

Back to our main subject, here are some courses you should check on: Travel Photography offers 10 HD lessons with John Greengo to give an overview on how to start you travel photography skills; for a more complete course the Travel Photography: The Complete Guide goes an extra level of knowledge, ideal for those who already have a basic experience; The Outdoor Photography Experience is an option for nature enthusiastic, those three are just some opportunities we selected but the website offers new courses constantly.

It is going to be hard to do just one course.

Investment: Courses starting at $15 USD.

Creative Life


      4.National Geographic

Nature lovers will definitely be happy with those courses. If you are a National Geographic fan, it is good to know that is not far from you to gain the knowledge they have.

Different from most courses, they consist in lectures that can be downloaded or bought in DVD, some options add guides as well. They are recommended if you prefer to learn by watching or have already some experience in the subject, as they will not specific give you feedbacks or promote homework.

If learning by experience is your strength, The Art of Travel Photography: Six Expert Lessons with 6 videos of 27 minutes each, is a great beginning to get the idea to improve your travel photography skills. But in case you already have a higher level knowledge into photography, courses like Wonders of the National Parks: A Geology of North America or The National Geographic Guide to Landscape and Wildlife Photography  broaden your horizons in a more specific way, based on your travel taste.



After finishing their online photography courses, maybe you will be excited about the expeditions promoted by NatGeo. You have the knowledge from them and experiencing in loco with the company is a combination of successful travel photos.

Investment: Courses starting at $ 100 USD

National Geographic


  1. Udemy

Udemy is another learning platform available with courses in many fields. It is possible to find cheap opportunities to enhance your knowledge in a variety of aspects and of course, online photography courses for travelers.

The main idea in this website is offer fast track courses with specific content, as the case of Travel Photography: Take Beautiful Photos on Your Adventure with 5 hours of videos and 2 articles which makes possible to take lessons on the basics of photography, how to use your camera and how to be prepared for next vacation.

If you know already how to be your own travel agent maybe advanced courses will be more suitable for you as per example, Photography Masterclass: Your Complete Guide to Photography which is a best seller in Udemy and rated 4.5 out of 5 or DSLR Photography Camera Settings: Photography for Beginners focused in photography settings.

This is a great opportunity to learn on the go as it can be accessible on mobile and students have the opportunity of having full lifetime access.

Investment: Courses starting at $ 25USD



EXTRA! Cambridge in Colours

Cambridge in Colours is not a platform for online courses, but a website for content in general photography. They describe themselves as “a learning community for photographers” and actually that is what they are offering. Articles, forums and tutorials on how to become a better photographer are some topics explained on this website. All information is detailed with pictures to follow all the steps presented. The better part is that this is a free content, but a book composed with additional information is sold on the website for a fair price. Here is a great opportunity to improve your knowledge spending little or no money.

Cambridge in Colours


What to look for in an online photography course

After reading the list of online photography courses for travelers, you may find it difficult to choose the appropriate one for you as they offer so many options for all knowledge levels. In this case here are some things to pay attention while browsing for your next online course as they will be essential to improve your photography proficiency making the best of your travel photos.


First of all, we cannot forget about cost and it is hard to figure out if it is worth to spend money in something that you hardly understand. In this case, start by reading all information from the course specially time necessary to complete and content, it is very important to know what you are getting for what you are paying. Make sure you have enough time to finalize the course and that your expectations meet their objective. Understanding the relation cost/benefit is an essential step to make the most of out your online photography course.


Before entering this incredible world of online courses, it is essential that you have access to accomplish the tasks. Not only a camera, which are usually a requirement but not necessarily a professional model is requested, but also access to internet and computer or phone are important to complete your course. If you like a notebook by your side, don’t start until you find a pen and the paper to make your notes. Allow yourself to enjoy the course and all it has to offer.  


Taking a time to read about the course’s instructors, their curriculum and who they work for are attributes to check before buying any photography courses. Those are important aspects to understand who will be your leader in this knowledge pursuit in a new subject, but don’t forget to check out their photos e see what you think about them. It is imperative that you like their work, if not you can end up learning about something you don’t even like.

Your target

Don’t buy any online photography courses if you don’t know your objective with it. Of course, travelling and taking great pictures is your main point in doing an online photography course for travelers, but do you want to make your photos look better or make a business out of it? Or are you planning to go to a specific place to take specific pictures, as an example, doing a safari or taking photos of people? Those are questions you should ask yourself before starting a course. Trust us, they will make your choice much easier.

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