How To Minimize Jet-Lag

Travelling is truly amazing and an experience everybody should do constantly. Getting to know a new place is certain to open your mind while discovering a whole new world, but arriving at those places can treat your body in a way you don’t want to. Here we look at ways of how to minimize jet-lag to ensure you get the best out your trip.

Suddenly you feel tired all the time when you are supposed to visit the attractions of your destination. This symptom is known as jet lag, which is a physiological condition people experience when traveling, basically, it is your body time zone being different from the one in the place you are located.
Luckily, travelers have options to avoid or at least minimize the impacts of jet lag during the trip, but keep in mind this is a constant action and a diverse of steps to achieve it. There are some tricks to do before, during and after your flight in order to help your body to stay in sync, and below you will find tips on how to prepare your body for the state it will be when arriving at your destination.

It is true there is a lot to consider, especially when thinking about the world we live in where the constant stress is, unfortunately, a reality usually experienced by people, but take a minute to follow these steps and you will sure minimize jet-lag and have a better trip.

Before You Go

The first and most popular tip is plan ahead. When doing your itinerary, make sure you have everything in shape before heading to the airport. This simple attitude will help you to keep the stress away, and you can trust this will be the best thing to you. Book your flight and hotel with in advance to avoid future problems. Allow enough time to arrive at the airport early, so it will be possible to do the check in properly, find your gate and wait for your flight patiently. There is no need to be on rush.

Allow enough time to arrive at the airport early, so it will be possible to do the check in properly, find your gate and wait for your flight patiently. There is no need to be in a rush.

Weeks in advance, try to match the time zone you are heading to, in order to avoid being fully awake when you are supposed to sleep. During the week before your travel, try to adapt your schedule to best match the time zone of your destination – having lunch a little bit later or sleeping early can benefit you in the future. Prepare your body for this change.
There are also some small details that can be a life saver when needed, and chances are high it will be needed. A good carry-on luggage bag and toiletries provide comfort when in transit, packing some extra clothes, a warm pair of socks, tooth brush and wipes, for example, will keep you fresh all the way. Don’t forget about your devices and make sure to charge them before you go. Having a good quality charger is also a good idea.

Keep your music, books and podcasts in shape and ready to be used for a long time. Add to this list a printed book, it is sure to save your life if for some reason your devices do not work properly.

Prepare healthy food to carry with you during the flight. Pack your own snacks, whole fruits like banana and apples, nuts, trail mix and crackers are good options of high intake of healthy food. Airplane foods are not recognized as the healthiest food, but you can keep your own health in satisfactory shape by bringing your options. Food can go an awfully long way to help you minimize jet-lag.

Also, some pills are available online for those who wants to have an extra help. The “No-Jet-Lag Remedy” by Miers Laboratories is a homeopathic pill with natural ingredients that help alleviate fatigue, or you can try another option, as example the “ Probiotic Max” pills which is a supplement to help boost your immune system. Dry eyes are a big complaint and an annoying symptom during a long flight. Prevent it by using eyes drops constantly. Just remember before deciding on taking any medication to consult your doctor for the best option for you.

Minimize Jet-Lag During Your Flight

There are some myths about long flights that our body shivers only when thinking about: sleepless time, an uncomfortable seat and staying in the same position the whole time. First of all, we need to break some pre-established ideas and the first is that you don’t need to sleep on every flight to minimize jet-lag.

Remember the preparation you have done before catching your flight, now it is time to continue. If you have set a new time zone for your body, do not change in the airplane but, at the same time, respect your limits. If it is time to sleep, give a good treat to your brain showing it is time to sleep but if not, use one of your many options to stay awake. In the carry on you

In the carry-on travel bag you prepared, make sure to pack your neck pillow and consider bringing your own eye mask, a good option can be found here while your devices can be a good hand keeping your awake.

The first rule to have a great trip is trying to stay as comfortable as you can. Starting by dressing comfortably and here is the gold tip, bring an extra sock. Usually, airplanes are cold and travelers tend to take off the shoes, so keeping your body extremities warm will maintain the whole-body temperature.
Add to your gadgets a reliable set of headphones with good noise canceling feature, and it will prevent you from hearing unpleasant noises that most airplanes have.
Being healthy during a long flight seems pointless as most people don’t think it is possible, but with your snacks in hand and some additional tips you will sure accomplish it. Drinking plenty of liquids and stretching from time to time is a wise attitude that can easily be done in the airplane. Yoga is also a good action and some poses can be done anywhere, doing the cat pose while seated prevents muscle tension, lows anxiety and slows down the nervous system.

Another trick to minimize jet-lag is also the use of meditation apps relax the brain and following the steps can help to slow your breath. If you still you have a hard time relaxing, applying lavender oil on your temples induces sleep and can bring calmness to your body.

At Your Destination

When you arrive at your destination, you have done everything you could possibly do and for sure you will feel much better when arriving at your dearriving minimize jet-lagstination. Remember there are still some
actions you can do to minimize jet-lag, and unfortunately, when dealing with metabolism it is almost certain to suffer some effects.

Respect what your body is telling you but also show your body you are in a new place with a different time zone. Do your best to fit into the time zone by engaging in activities of your destination. In the first couple of days, you will not be able to sleep easily or will feel sleepy in the middle of the day, but you can help your body to do it by taking a slow and calming bath before sleeping time and in the morning, waking up with a fulfilling breakfast. It will start to get better very quickly and you will be able to maximize your enjoyment, which after all is surely what you went on holiday for.

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