Kindle Or Fire? Which e-reader Is Best?


Holidays are a great time to catch up on a read and also help you to relax and chill out on the plane journey. Here we created a guide for your next e-reader gadget, in which you will be able to check the benefits of two Amazon winners: Kindle or Fire, before making your choice. We have divided this guide latest options of Kindles and then explaining the best things about them, then we have done the same for Fire devices. At the end of the article, we selected the basic accessories we encourage you to think about, as they can change the way you use your equipment.

After reading this article, you will be able to easily choose your next e-reader and start using it stress-free. When reading a great book, snap a picture and remember to tag us with the #readwithusanywhere as we would love to see what you are reading. Are you ready to get the answer for which e-reader is best? Kindle or Fire?



A lightweight option made for any book lover, the Kindle e-reader offers a comfortable way to read your books. In this product, you will have no glare, making it possible to read in sunny places. In case you like to read in bed, it is highly recommended to add to your cart an individual lamp that can be easily attached to the device. This is one of the smallest choices in the market and weighing only 161 grammes can fit effortless in a small bag.


In order to get your next book, a wi-fi connection will be necessary but after downloading it, reading a book will be simpler than you can imagine. Its touchscreen feature gives you the power to manoeuvre it with only one hand and the 4g storage provides you with the opportunity to carry your own personal library anywhere you go.  An affordable way to keep your books around at any time.

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Kindle Paperwhite

This next option available in Kindle e-reader goes beyond for the readers. The 300 pixels per inches makes the text crispier and its exclusive Bookerly typography was made to elevate the reader experience. An adjustable built-in light makes it possible to read in dark places, you just need to adjust the screen brightness to taste.

Kindle Paperwhite comes with wi-fi connection or 3g, which works with no plan in over 100 countries, and that is one of the best aspects for travellers as you will definitely read from almost anywhere in the world. The additional features Text Pop-Up supports children’s book and also the Panel View is made to read comic books panel by panel.









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Kindle Voyage

In Kindle Voyage, you will be closer to a piece of paper, its flush-front bezel will give you the sensation of reading a paper book. Made to last, this option has a reinforced glass front and yet it is still lightweight ready to board with you on your next destination. Its PagePress sensor turns the pages without moving your fingers too much, just a little pressure and it does its work.

Everything was thought to help you read without distractions. An adaptive front light automatically changes the built-in lights adapting from your environment, this item also offers the wi-fi or wi-fi + 3g options which come in handy when travelling abroad.










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Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis brings all the good things from other e-readers and elevates them to a higher level. It still offers the same high resolution from Paperwhite and Voyage options but innovate it by being 30% thinner and 20% lighter when compared to any other option. Another over the top secret is the battery life, which is the only one lasting for months and yet Kindle Oasis includes a cover charge, basically when covered it charges the device automatically. You can also choose between three colour options: black, walnut and merlot, giving it a little more style for your e-reader. Last but not least, its design is ergonomic so it fits better on your hand giving the opportunity to keep reading longer that page turner book you are willing to read.









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The benefits of choosing Kindle

Kindle thinks about readers. It offers some specific features which elevate every reader experience, as per example a full dictionary integrated available only one click away. It also provides access to Wikipedia for fast facts check, and its X-Ray feature makes possible to see relevant passages in the book. Those details will make your vocabulary strong without and you don’t need to leave your book. Based on your reading habits, Kindle changes its features according to your reading speed and also are able to calculate how long will take to finish a chapter. Good for those who need to sleep but don’t want to leave the story behind so easily, totally worth it.

When with your Kindle, you can transform your books the way you love. Adjustable text size, translation to foreign languages or with Kindle app even continuing your reading in another gadget, those are just some benefits it offers to the readers. All family can spend a good quality time with Kindle, parents are able to personalise kids profile and kids receive badges for reading goals achievements.

Picking Kindle as your next e-reader device will improve your reading habits as it is certain to offer zero distraction, you will be you alone with your book. Actually, you will have your personal library in your hands as you will never lose a book with Amazon cloud storage and also can organise by your preferences.

Amazon provides two interesting additional services for Kindle users. Special offers from Amazon are set to be shown on your screen, but the company offers a one-time payment to unsubscribe it. The second service is Kindle Unlimited, a monthly subscription for readers, offering over one million books, magazine and audiobooks options for only $9.99.

The best thing Amazon could do was to make reading accessible for everybody and they made it. Its Voice View is an accessibility feature which when connected with a Bluetooth device turns viable to listen your book content. Incredible, no? If you are an avid reader willing to discover more stories, Kindle can be your best friend at anyplace and anytime.

However, read on to discover the benefits of the Fire and help you choose either the Kindle or Fire.



Fire 7

Fire 7 is the most affordable tablet by Amazon and yet provides high-quality entertainment anywhere you go. A fast processor with four high-performance 1.3 GHZ cores launches quickly your apps, videos and games. Additionally, it offers free cloud storage for Amazon content which if you are a Prime member can be a great deal as you can watch thousands of movies and series or listen to two million songs for a small monthly fee.

The tablet comes with 8 or 16gb, but a microSD card slot is available making it possible to expand your storage to up to 256 GB. If all those features are not enough, Fire 7 records 720p HD videos and offers a blue shade feature for readers, which basically adjusts the backlight for comfortable reading.









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Fire HD 8

Another affordable high-quality tablet option by Amazon, Fire HD 8 is a good choice if looking for an HD tablet. Its 12 hours of battery life can be a life saver for long flights whether you decide to read a book or watch a movie. An 8” high definition display with 189 ppi offers vivid pictures with reduced glare and keeping the brightness due to its In-Plane Switching (IPS) display.

Other than that Fire HD 8 have similarities with Fire 7, maintaining the camera and processor quality. When related to storage, it goes beyond offering doubled gigabytes – 16 or 32, with expandable 256gb. The sound experience is also elevated with Dolby Atmos and dual-stereo speakers.









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Fire HD 10

Top choice for those who are looking for quality with a bigger screen while yet having a lightweight tablet. Its 1.5 GHz processor offers even quicker app launches, games and videos while its 10.1” HD display improves your screen size experience.

Your videos will enhance as its camera records 1080 HD quality ones making your memories brighter. In this option, Amazon offers 16, 32 or 64 gb with 200 expandable gigabytes and also refined colors are available as you can choose between black, silver aluminum or white. Blue Shade feature is also available making it safer to read your books at night.









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The benefits of choosing Fire

Let’s start with an important fact, all Fire tablets give access to Kindle books. As noted above it also offers the blue shade feature making it more comfortable to read your books. Picking a Fire as your next e-reader would be a 2 in 1 experience as it offers all the entertainment available in a tablet. You will have access to not only books but also apps, videos and music in just one device.

Amazon Prime Members have their experience improved with On Deck feature which automatically downloads Prime Videos and first episodes of Amazon Original Series while you are not using it. It is true downloading your content is available at only one click, but having it done for you is a service you will not regret. If you are still not certain about having the Amazon Prime service, you can start your 30-days trial for free and see the benefits of having unlimited video streaming and books or even getting other benefits, like receiving your order earlier.

In Fire, you will also have the possibility to use the cool Voice View feature and additionally you have a voice responsive available at any time, Alexa will be your life saver looking anything for you on your tablet. You just have to say it and she will get for you.

Kids you will have their own design when using Fire and yet you will still be able to set your preferences with Kids Parental Control. An Advanced Streaming and Prediction (ASAP) feature adapts to your viewing habits and helps you to keep track on your favourite shows and movies. If you like those features, we recommend getting your Fire asap.


Kindle Or Fire Accessories

Everybody knows how accessories are helpful for any device. When you get yourself into some harsh situation you often remember how good it is to have something to take you off of trouble. Here we have a basic list of accessories for Fire and Kindle, every item on this list will work on both pieces of equipment, depending only on the model. Even though we have not selected here, it is highly recommended to get a cover when buying your equipment, as it will protect it on the go.

Power Fast USB Charger – Compatible with all Kindle and Fire devices, this will be one of the best accessories you can have. This fast power charger provides you full battery in less than 5 hours, accelerating the process for you to catch up on your books or movies. Its output is made for UK only, ideal for weekends getaway. This item requires micro-USB cable, not included in the charger but available with the devices.

International USB Charger Kit – A solution for travellers, this charger kit will recharge your Fire and Kindle batteries in places like UK, Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and China. The kit provides four different outlet positions and includes USB charging cables.  If you are planning a trip abroad, this will make possible to use your devices almost anywhere.

Stylus for Touchscreen Devices – As the name already gives a hint, this is a basic accessory made to simplify the way you use your touchscreen gadgets. In the format of a pen, it will touch the exact screen area you desire and also a life saver during winter time when gloves are a necessity. An accessory that fits anywhere and improves your device manoeuvring.

Adjustable Tablet Stand – Another simple accessory made to transform the way you use your equipment. The Tablet Stand will hold your Fire or Kindle vertically while you use it, you just unfolded it and attach your device. When folded can fit any place as it will be transformed in pen size, ideal to keep around all the time.

Microfiber cloths for Electronics – This accessory is often forgotten by device users but actually make all the difference to maintain your gadget as it keeps any equipment clean and scratch free, in this package offered by Amazon you will have 6 options to leave in different places, always having in handy when in need. They are made to last as are machine washable and reusable. Definitely, an uncomplicated item to have close to your device.


Ultimately, it’s a very difficult choice to make but we hope this article has helped you decide which e-reader is best for you. Kindle or Fire?



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