10 Great Sporting Venues to Visit:

Sports lovers are going to agree that watching a game brings joy, especially when your team wins. Some places make it even more special offering great structure and entertainment every person would be surprised, and here we can say that if you have not attended a sports events yet, you should, so we have selected 10 great sporting venues for you to visit. Tournaments around the world prove to be a very exciting event, as the cases of FIFA World Cup for football and NFL for American football, which brings people from worldwide for specific places as the case of most of the venues on our list. As you will notice they were built to host those big events but continue to be an important sports venue in their location.

We have selected 10 great sporting venues to visit all over the world hosting all kind of sports, from cricket to baseball, you are sure to find the right one for you. Watching a match in any of those venues is an experience in any place you decide to go, but if for some reason there will be no game when you are there the venues usually offer tours.

Now you just have one thing to do, decide which sport you want to attend and pack your bags to one of these great sporting venues and you will see in this list we have famous cities but also small Caribbean island, ideal to make every traveller happy. When in the destination, don’t forget to snap a picture and tag #flyustosports so we can see which one of the 10 great sporting venues to visit you have decided to go to. We can tell you it is not going to be easy to decide.


Sydney Cricket Ground – Australia

Cricket is among the top popular sports in the world, especially in Commonwealth countries. It is estimated that over 2 billion people follow it worldwide, attending matches and cheering for their favourite team. In Australia, Sydney Cricket Ground is a famous venue to watch a match, being the home of New South Wales Blues cricket, but also holds special events as international concerts and, additional sports like rugby and football. Annually it hosts more than 100 events and receives over 1.5 million visitors, its capacity is for 48,000 seated people. Located in Moore Park, Sydney Cricket Ground offers tours for sports fans not only to its venue but also to the Allianz Stadium, located beside the ground.

Tours to visit SCG include fields, dressing rooms, media centre and a museum, among other spaces. It runs from Monday to Saturday, excluding public holidays and event days, it is highly recommended to book your tour online to make sure you get a spot. This sports venue is a must go place for cricket lovers as its first idea of ground happened in 1851 and, the first real test was between Australia and Pakistan in 1882. Sydney Cricket Ground holds history and entertainment for all ages and that is the reason occupies the first position in our 10-great sports venue to visit list. This is one of the great sporting venues of the world.

Dodger Stadium – Los Angeles, USA

The third oldest baseball stadium impresses with numbers: 56,000 seats, parking for 16,000 cars and 6 different seat levels in only one place. Home of Los Angeles Dodgers, it opened its doors in 1962 with the first game being held on April 10th with 52,564 fans. Nowadays the ballpark is an entertainment venue where watching a Dodgers game is an experience with several food options and stores with products to transform you into a real fan.

Services are efficient providing charging stations, bike racks and ATMs, just to name a few. Watching a game is a truly American experience that every traveller should try at least once and when it Dodger Stadium you are sure to elevate your fun time. If you are really into baseball, the stadium offers four tours.

The most popular shows the principal areas; the Pre-game tour will present the behind the scene experience; the Clubhouse tour is more intimate promoting visitors to go deeper into Dodger clubhouse and; the private/group tours are the ones just for your group. Check the schedule here for your next visit in Los Angeles.


Camp Nou – Barcelona, Spain

Football is a passion in Western countries and Barcelona FC is a respected Spanish team with some of the most world-famous players are part of their success, as the case in 2017 of Argentinian player Lionel Messi and Brazilian player Neymar Jr. Watching a Barça, a kindly nickname for the team, game is seeing others abilities while experiencing a great entertainment.

Home of Barça since 1957, Camp Nou was made for the big. Its structure made Camp Nou the European largest stadium with capacity for 99.354 people. If possible, when in Barcelona it is highly recommended to live Barça experience by watching a match or visiting its grounds.

The tours are open all year round and not only access the field itself but also the team’s museum. Due to its popularity, booking your visit online is a wise decision. This is an attraction for any kind of traveler who loves sports, first because it is home of one of the greatest team in the world and second because of its structure, which will surprise any person. Definitely one of the great sporting venues in Europe, if not the world.


Stade De France – Paris, France

Stade de France was built for World Cup 1998 and it paid off, since France won the World Cup against Brazil in the same year. It can be considered a case of success since it has become the stadium with largest number of events in the world, hosting not only sports but also international concerts.

Its movable stand makes the venue available for another sports modality. Nowadays it is considered the sixth-largest stadium in Europe with seating capacity of 81,388. Located in the commune of Saint-Dennis, north of Paris, arriving by public transportation will make your life easier.

The official website helps visitors with options on how to get there, to access it just click here. It is true that when visiting the city of love, you will have a lot to do, but including a visit to Stade de France should be on your list if you like sports.

As most sports venue, Stade de France also offers tours to visit the behind the scene. In this case the regular tour lasts 1:30 hour, and the group option offers a free admission for every 20 tickets purchased. A good deal for a big family travel and an experience all ages will enjoy.


Cape Town Stadium – South Africa

Here is another example of a stadium built for a sports event, Cape Town Stadium was built to host FIFA World Cup 2010, the biggest football event worldwide. Its design is from GMP Architekten, from Cologne in Germany, with a group of South African practices and it is something to pay attention to.

The translucent style change colors according to the time of day, while its roof has 9,000 pieces of glass. If this number impress, add the fact that has also 250 VIP lounges, 59 gates, 530 lavatories and 16 lifts.

After the end of the event, it changed from 68,000 seats made specifically for the World Cup to 55,000 seats and, has become home of Ajax Cape Town. Another point to the stadium is its location, on Green Point Park, an 80 hectares public park with golf court and rugby club.

Tours in this facility happen Monday to Friday, three times a day (10am; 12 pm and 2pm) and give the perspective of discovering this piece of architecture providing information about its importance for Cape Town.


Kensington Oval – Bridgetown, Barbados

Kensington Oval was established in 1882, but only by 2007 has become what it is today, an important international center for cricket. The year of 2007 was also an important mark due to the Cricket World Cup in which the stadium had to adapt to international standards.

Kensington Oval is located in Barbados’s capital city Bridgetown, occupying 12,5 acres, holding 11,000 seats, players pavilion and media center with six commentary booths and 85 press desks.

Considering Barbados has an area of 431 km2 with an island population of approximately 290,000, the venue is a big thing.  Even tough cricket is the main sport, other events are hold in there such as hockey and football. But cricket fans will sure be impressed and if you are one of them, this is a place to go not only to watch a match but also to the fact that the world’s greatest all-rounder, Garfield Sobers, is from Barbados.

During a visit to Kensington Oval it is possible to see his statue paying respect to this world recognized player.


The Maracanã – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is famous among football fans, mostly because its players who are spread among European teams but also, being the only country that has won five FIFA World Cup championship, despite the last one in 2014 being a shame of losing for 7 – 1 against Germany.

Opened in 1950 to host the FIFA World Cup, was remodeled to host again it in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016. Nowadays following international safety standards, the stadium holds 79,000 seats, but in 1950 paid visitors were close to 173,000, even though it is estimate 199, 854 saw the game live from the stands.

Nowadays it is possible to watch a game among local or national teams during a visit to Rio and it is totally worth it as you are sure to experience a real sport entertainment. Tours are hold by local travel agencies to visit its interior.

In any case make sure to follow the basic safety rules while in the city, carry the strictly necessary in a small bag keeping it close to your body and try to not bring attention to you. Unfortunately, those are small details to make your visit safe in Rio.


Olympic Stadium – Montreal, Canada

Designed by French architect Roger Taillibet, the structure of Olympic Stadium changed Montreal skyline. This covered amphitheater built for 1976 Summer Olympics has a stadium structure attached to a 165 meters tower, making it an intriguing construction and the world largest inclined structure.

Nowadays it is the largest seating capacity in Canada with 56,000 seats available for visitors being home of Montreal’s baseball and American style football teams, but also holds special events like international concerts and other sports matches.

Locals call the stadium “The Big Owe” due to its cost being nearly $770 million Canadian dollars. It is possible to visit the structure and understand the history behind it, the guided tours to “Since 1976” exhibition occurs Tuesday to Sunday every hour from 10:30 am to 5:30 pm, but a visit to the tower observatory can be done Monday from 1 pm to 7 pm and Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 7 pm.


AT&T Stadium – Texas, USA

Americans know how to make an event, especially in the case of American football. National Football League, NFL, is the main competition in the US moving tourists all over the country.

Each year one city is selected to host the final match, the event is called Super Bowl. Watching a NFL game is more than an event, it is a real American experience.

AT&T Stadium located in Arlington, Texas goes above and beyond this experience being one of the most famous among NFL fans. Home of Dallas Cowboys, the stadium offers 111,000 seats in 3 million square feet. Its magnitude offers everything you can expect from a sport venue, such as several foods option, enough parking spots and easy accessibility.

Add to this equation a app made for the stadium, the AT&T Stadium app shows not only game information but also events occurring during a no game day. If visiting the stadium between February to August, no games will be available but you still can do one of the 4 tours available in the venue: art, education, self-guided and VIP guided tour.

It is highly recommended to check every detail before you go, by accessing http://attstadium.com/



Beijing National Stadium – Beijing, China

Also known as “The bird’s nest” due to unique design, Beijing National Stadium was as many in this list built for a big sport’s event, the 2008 Summer Olympic and Paralympic.

After its construction, it has become a tourist attraction due to an interesting design made by Swiss Architects Jacques Herzog and Pierre Meuron along with Chinese architect Li Xinggang, where is it possible to see steels wrapping the stadium.

Just to give you a hint on what to expect, during the construction it was used 36 kilometers of unwrapped steel. It was also built to withstand an up to 8 magnitude earthquake in Richter Scale.

Nowadays, it has 91,000 seats in total being 80,000 permanents and additional 11,000 temporary ones. Mostly used for football matches, it will be the star of 2022 Winter Olympic Games hosting its opening and closing ceremony.

When in Beijing, it is highly recommended to see this venue really close and here is an extra tip: going during evenings will provide a different perspective.


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