By the end of the year the buzz is on to discover the best vacation destination for 2018. Tourism companies and professionals publish their best guess for the upcoming year, here won’t be different and we have selected the best vacation destination for 2018.

You will see a diversity of countries where things are happening, all our list is based on data showcasing reasons why you should pack your bags and fly to any of those countries. Don’t forget to book your flight with as we pick the best deals for you, now you just have to decide where to go first.



Chile is trending for 2018 as was selected by Lonely Planet the best country to travel. It is no surprise this narrow country is honored next year, Chile has proved being a country worth a spot on your bucket list. Starting in the capital, Santiago is a cosmopolitan city with a mountain landscape.destination chile flyusanywhere

In order to discover it, make sure to stop at Sky Costanera for great way to see the Andes, visit Mercado Central for famous fresh seafood and don’t forget do check one of Pablo Neruda’s house called La Chascona, those are just some examples in how to enjoy the city. Valparaiso and Viña del Mar are day trips from Santiago, along with wineries such as Concha Y Toro. Going South, Patagonia is waiting for you and Torres del Paine National Park is breathtaking,

it will be here where you will see the reality behind the amazing outdoor pictures you probably have seen before. On the other end, going North, San Pedro de Atacama is the entrance for Atacama Desert, where landscapes seem ethereal with the crispness from the world driest desert. Here is just a hint of what this diverse country that is growing into traveler’s eyes has to offer and, it is sure to grab your heart once you visit it.

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Russia is the second country in our list for a big reason: it is the host country of World Cup 2018 (check FIFA website to buy tickets). Football lovers know what we are talking about and are russian world cup flyusanywhereprobably excited to discover this destination. From June 14th to July 15th people change their lives exploring a new culture through a common subject, it is incredible how this event moves people around the world and how the host country wins with those tourists.

If you are curious about attending a big event, Russia is definitely a place to visit in 2018. Eleven are the host cities, including the capital city Moscow and famous St Petersburg. A classic destination, St Petersburg has astonishing architecture as Vitebsk Rail Station and Hermitage Museum, which is one of the most beautiful museums in the world.

Things don’t stop there as St. Isaac’s view and Church of the saviour on the spilled blood are a must-do while in the city. Moscow is where the Kremlin and Red Square are, both are stamp postcards from Russia and it is understandable why.

The two locations have a combination of history and architecture so different than anything you have seen. Sochi is another city hosting matches and just to refresh your memory it was also the host of Winter Olympics 2014. It is true this is only a splash of what Russia is really about and to help you decide where to go, the government created the Welcome 2018, a website full of content about the event and what to do in the country.

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China is one of the top 10 outbound tourism markets, which means Chinese people are popular travelers. That is a reason why it is common to find them most places you go, that being said: have you ever thought on discovering their country?visit China flyusanywhere

China is a millenarian culture within differences in its own land, that equation provides a consequence of unique attractions. It is true big cities like Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai are a must visit cities, providing access to attractions every traveler should see at least once, as the case of The Great Wall of China, just outside Beijing.

China is a multiple destination and just one visit isn’t enough to see the whole country. Small places also hide a different country, Xian, per example, is where the Terracotta Warriors are located. In a more rural area, Lhasa is home of The Potala Palace and, Chengdu have the giant pandas as mascots.

Food is serious business in China and are far beyond any fast food you have ever tried, in this matter the tip is simple: go with an open mind, respecting the culture and your body limits. Here we just give you a hint on what this country has, but trust us: China is a surprise and in 2018 can be yours to discover.

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According to the latest tourism growing edition from World Tourism Organization, UNWTO, Africa has the fastest growth from all regions with an increase of 9% from 2016 to 2017. North Africa is a strong area with a 15% increase in tourists and Morocco is the most visited country in this part of the world.

Cities are so different between them and experiences are so unique that all travelers should consider heading to Morocco this next year. We could start by telling they have Sahara Desert, where you should plan to spend at least a day or telling you they have a blue city called Chefchaouen.

But we will go deeper reminding you that Morocco is a destination to go slow in multiple cities, exploring medinas, landscapes and flavours hard to keep away from memory. Probably the most famous city among travelers, Marrakesh has its medina as an UNESCO World Heritage Site. Fes is special mostly because of its atmosphere, but also by its colorful tanneries. Visiting the largest city in Morocco, Casablanca will show you a more modern country with street art getting along with traditions.

It is true Morocco is much more than that and surprises can be found in smaller places like Rabat, Taghazout or Tangier, among many other cities ready to be discovered by you along with a strong mint tea. Are you ready to be amazed?

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Our second country in Africa is Tunisia, surrounded by Algeria and Libya, this is a country famous for its beaches, being a known stop for cruises. After 2015 the country suffered a 25% decrease in tourists due to an unfortunate terrorist attack, but now numbers are getting better and a slightly increase of 7% is being notice since then, according to UNWTO.visit Tunisia flyusanywhere

Good for travelers who are willing to discover a place where history and blue water get along. Starting by its capital city, Tunis is a cosmopolitan city located in the Northern part of Tunisia, where you will see the colours of the Medina, the collection of Bardo Museum and the archaeological site of Carthage, just to get started.

Close to the city, Sidi Bou Said is a tiny village worth visiting. For a beach destination, Djerba pays respect to a place in the sun where your only problem will be where to put your chair. In case architecture is what you are looking to discover, Kaikouan with its mosques and El Djem amphitheater should be on your list.

Before you go, always check the UK Travel Advisory for Tunisia which in November 2017 has only advices for places close to the borders of Libya and Algeria, far from all destinations noted above.

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South Korea

South Korea got the second position at Lonely Planet edition of Best of Travel 2018 and experienced a jump of 30% tourism growth in 2016, showing enough reasons to be on your travel list for visit South Korea flyusanywherenext year. The reasons don’t stop there as this is a country with an intriguing cuisine and specific architecture ready to be explored by you, so to begin your journey stop at Seoul, the modern yet traditional capital city has enough attraction for a visit just to itself.

A walk around Cheong-gye-cheon Riverwalk, a visit to National Museum of Korea or an afternoon at Olympic Park are just some samples on what to do in the city. Temples are also a big deal as the case of Jogye-sa with Seoul’s largest Buddhist worship hall or visit the Gyeongbokgung palace to have a pleasant surprise.

Following the temple culture, the Haedong Yonggung Temple in Busan, also known as the Temple by the Sea, and the Gagwonsa Temple, in Cheonan, has a giant seating Buddha. Those are just some attractions this amazing country has to offer, but we cannot forget about food when thinking about South Korea as this is a big deal in the country. If you want to discover what is beyond kimchi, start back in Seoul by visiting the Gwangjang Market and after that continue engaging in new experiences, you will not regret it.

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Anthony Bourdain, the world traveler TV show host, has traveled almost every country in the world and often mentioned Vietnam as one of his favorites. Travelers have been interested in the country as well, as the number of tourists increased by 26% in 2016.visit Vietnam flyusanywhere

If you have never been there, 2018 could be your year to step in this fragrant place on earth. Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, Hoi An and Hue are words you need to familiarize yourself with as are just a few examples of what to expect from Vietnam. Hanoi is the capital city and offers interesting attractions as the case of the Temple of Literature dedicated to Confucius or the National Museum of Vietnamese History.

Around three hours driving from Hanoi is the famous Halong Bay and getting on a boat to see the limestones peaks is a must do. Ho Chi Minh has a mixture of pagodas, cathedrals and museums. Hoi An is an old port town and offers all the charm a small city can have.

Hue breaths history and you will be surprised by places like To Mieu Temple Complex, Tomb of Tu Duc, Imperial Enclosure or Ho Quyen. In any place you visit, make sure to wander around the cities and also trying new flavours is a big deal if you are into food. In case you are a fan of Anthony Bourdain way of travelling, check out the article by Vietnam Tourism about where he has visited and start planning your trip.

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2018 is a special year for Latvia as it celebrates 100 years of independence, proposing a good reason to explore this country next year. Riga is the capital city and the only big city in the country, a visit Latvia flyusanywhereplace where art nouveau architecture is everywhere and a charming building from 1334 called House of Blackheads is the masterpiece from Riga’s architecture.

Continuing in the same theme, don’t skip the churches and cathedrals in the city and in order to discover more about Latvia, it is worth to check the Museum of Occupation to remember the history during the Soviet and German National Socialist regimes in the country.

As food is always part of a culture, don’t forget to try local products at Riga Central Market, which once was a zeppelin hangar. You will love Latvia if your curiosity relies on history, as per example, a stop at Skrunda-1, an ex-Soviet military secret city during Cold War, will show the remaining of an era; an hour from Latvia, more precisely in Ligatne, it is possible to visit a bunker used by Soviets or near the border of Lithuania, Daugavpils Fortress was built during Napoleon era.

Latvia safeguard remains of an important history era that shaped what the world is today, if you are the kind of traveler that a combination of less crowded places with interesting history attracts you, Latvia should be on your list for the next year.

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Iceland has been on the spot for a while and it has become so popular among travelers that should not be away from our best vacation destination for 2018 list. Its capital city Reykjavik had its place on our blog with the 10 great things to do in Reykjavik article. It is the starting point to explore the natural beauty of Iceland, from there it is highly recommended to rent a car and drive to remote areas of the country.visit Iceland flyusanywhere

Driving through the Ring Road, which literally surrounds the whole island, is a route to consider if road trip is what you are looking for, just keep in mind it is over a thousand kilometers. Blue Lagoon is a famous hot spring just 40 minutes away from the city and to reach the classic Skogafoss waterfall you will need to drive around 150 kilometers southeast in the Ring Road. Those are already must-dos while visiting Iceland, but if you want to go deeper into this country add to your itinerary at least two more options: Westjords and Jokulsarlon.

Westjords will present an almost untouched Iceland, away from tourists where nature reigns, this is an area for explorers. On the other hand, Jokulsarlon also provides a deep knowledge into the Icelandic wild, located in the Ring Road, close to Vatnajokull National Park.

Iceland is ideal for adventurous people travelling alone or with a group, if you have kids or teenagers among your loved ones, this is a great place to engage in a remarkable family trip.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina            

Business Insider UK selected places you need to visit in 2018 based on professional advisers and Bosnia and Herzegovina is there. Good destination for travelers willing to explore a country yet to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina flyusanywherebe discovered, where culture is a big deal and history is around every corner.

Bosnia and Herzegovina suffered with a recent civil war in 1990s which has yet marks to be healed. Nothing better than tourism to bring some joy and if you want to contribute, it is highly recommended to start your trip in Mostar. Located in the southwestern, close to Croatia border, this is a city to discover slowly by wandering through its streets, but is also home of Stari Most (Old Bridge) and historical houses, as the case of Kajtaz House, from a Turkish judge.

Saravejo is also a place to go, not only for being the capital city but also for keeping history alive, and when in there pay attention to details and add a stop at Baščaršija, where mosques and restaurants are spread in alleys and squares.

Nature is found in Kravice waterfalls and in case you are a nature lover, this should be a stop place for you. Give a chance to discover this country before everyone does, engaging in a place with a welcoming combination of warm people and world’s history.

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