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Best Travel Wallets Review

Travel wallet is an essential accessory for travelers. Nobody wants to live the experience of forgetting a document or even taking so much time to find it during a check-in, but finding the right wallet can be a difficult job. There are plenty of options with different sizes, colours, features and most of times we don’t know what to look for.

Before you start going through our list of travel wallets for your next trip, it is important to know your documents, making a list of what you need to carry and its quantities will definitely help you pick your next travel wallet.


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In our list, you will notice options for solo travelers, adventurous travelers, families or even people who carry the minimum possible. There are two things every traveler should pay attention, first is the size making sure it fits all documents, and of course, price.

You will notice in this list prices for all pockets and styles for all people, making it easier for you to just pick the right one to your next trip.


Outgeek Waterproof Passport Holder

This is an easy option to carry around as its measures may fit in anyplace: 30mm height, 18cm length and 14cm width; and weighs only 168 grams.Travel Passport Wallet,Outgeek Waterproof Passport Holder Family Document Card Organiser with 2 Free Luggage Tags for Passport Credit Card Business Card as Xmas for Her or Him

Regarding organization, this travel wallet has 10 pockets made to carry a passport, credit cards, and small wires, as headphones, also have a spot in a separate pocket. Two outside pockets, including a zippered one which comes in hand for changes during a rush hour, are available in this style.

Its durable oxford material is water-resistant and made intentionally for heavy wear, so carrying it around in different environments won’t be a problem. When buying with, customers also receive 2 free luggage bags to use on next trip.

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Defway Passport Holder for Family

An ideal travel wallet for the family as it is possible to carry documents for up to 4 people, the Defway Passport Holder is still compact.DEW Travel Wallet RFID Blocking Waterproof Document Organizer Credit Card Clutch Bag, Family Passport Holder with Removable Wristlet Strap

Measuring only 20mm in height, 24.4cm in length and 14.5cm width, it fits 4 passports, has 9 cards slots and zippered pockets for cash and coins. It is easy to carry around as it offers a removable wristlet and, a removable keychain is also available inside, a detail that makes all the difference for travelers who like keeping things together.

A block RFID – Radio-Frequency IDentification – technology is available in this product. This means it stops any attempt on reading your documents barcodes or cards magnetic strips, the called identity theft crime.

Last but not least, the company have a 100% guarantee policy, so if you are not satisfied with the product within 1 year, it is possible to return it and get your money back.

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Travel Wallet Passport Holder for Family

Here is an additional option for the family as it has almost the same features as the product above, same measuring fitting 4 passports and, also offering RFID block technology. On the other hand, it has 7 cards slots, two small slots Travel Wallet Passport Holder Family Document Card Organiser RFID Secured Holiday Money Bag Pouch with Free Luggage Belt/Strap (Black)for pen drives or memory cards and a see-through slot for an additional card.

The difference between them is small but still worth noticing. In this option, 3 passports fit perfectly but the first slot seems a little bit shallow, and cards slots are deeper, which make the top of the cards not visible, while for some people it keeps privacy some may find it a little bit inconvenient.

In terms of handles, this option offers two possibilities: an attached to the wallet made to keep your hand closer to it and a wrist handle to carry it around. If deciding on this product, customers will get a free adjustable luggage bag and also have 100% return policy guaranteed.

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Kipling Travel Doc Travel Document Holder

Kipling is already known for its unique style and well rated for making hard-wearing accessories, that is why we have chosen this specific style from the Belgium brand.Kipling - TRAVEL DOC - Travel Document Holder

Made 100% from polyamide, popularly known as nylon, which has soft fibers and still is moisture-resistant and a water-repellent, ideal characteristics to bring in all kind of trips.

Additionally, this option weights only 100 grams but still provides everything you need for, just to give you an idea it has more than 10 holders in which credit cards, health cards, and passport fit perfectly.

Essential features included in this travel wallet are a pen loop and zipped pocket, aimed for cash. In it is possible to find 18 styles with different colours and patterns.

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Venture 4th Travel Neck Wallet

Venture 4th offers a pouch wallet solution for travelers. In this option, customers are able to wear it around the neck or underneath clothes, but actually, it is possible to adjust the strap to make it according to your preferences.VENTURE 4TH Travel Neck Pouch Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking Passport Holder

The travel neck has three storages: two zippered pockets on the side and one velcro-closure on top; there is an additional see-through slot as well.

A RFID block technology is also available in this travel neck, making it stress-free identity theft wallet. The material is water-resistant nylon with double stitches made to last and had been noticed it keeps the sweat away.

Picking this for your next trip is ideal if you are looking for a product that stays close to you, it is hands-free but still attached to your body.

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WantGor Multi-purpose Travel Wallet

In this product by WantGor, you will find a small travel wallet with enough room to fit most of your documents. Before checking out, just make sure your belongings fit the measures of the wallet, which are: 25mm height x 11.5cmPassport Holder - WantGor Rfid Blocking Travel Multi-purpose Passport Trifold Wallet (Brown) length x 16.5 cm width.

Despite the sizes seem smaller than most travel wallets, it was conceived to hold all your documents. It has a zippered cash holder, ticket compartment, card slots, passport pocket, and key and pen holder.

Made with PU leather (Poly Synthetic) which is not a real leather, but represent the look and feel of it. It can be considered an eco-friendly product as it doesn’t use any animal material.

It also has what we can say is now an essential feature for travel wallets: RFID block system. This is an option for those looking for an affordable and small travel wallet for your next trip.

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Bellroy Travel Wallet

Minimalist travelers will like this travel wallet by Bellroy as it has a simple style, but is made to accommodate all travel belongings for one. It has RFID block feature and fits 4-10 cards, with additional room for bills and tickets.Bellroy Travel Wallet, travel document holder (Passport, tickets, cash cards and pen)

It may seem almost impossible for a 97mm tall x 15cm wide wallet to fit all those documents and also a passport, but actually, it does and it also fit a small pen, which comes with the wallet. The only downside is not fitting German and Irish passport, which are bigger than standard ones.

The company follows environmental protocols when using top-grain leather as its main material, and then they paint to give it a better style.

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Fjallraven Passport Wallet

This Swedish company elevates outdoor accessories with a high-quality material. The G-1000 fabric is made with a combination of cotton and polyester with Greenland wax which makes it more durable to harsh weather conditions, Fjallraven - Passport Walletincluding being water resistant.

In the case of the passport wallet accessory, it has 65% polyester and 35% cotton, considered in this case a heavy-duty material.

In this option by Fjallraven, adventurous travelers will find the perfect way to keep the documents safe while in nature. It has 5 cards slots, zippered and passport pockets, it’s been reviewed as carrying a Galaxy Note 4, if not full.

If you are the kind of traveler who is looking for a light but tough product, picking Fjallraven passport wallet will not disappoint.

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Women’s Leather Purse Wallet

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t like to change wallets, this product might be a good fit for you as it offers a casual style for the daily basis and yet has space for all your travel documents.BOSTANTEN Valentine's Day Gifts Women Leather Wallet Clutch Bag Card Case Cash Holder Wallets

Made with full grain leather on the outside, which provides the fancy style, on the inside the lining is durable. The slots inside are practical, separating cards slots, cash in zippered pockets and it still fits a phone.

Just make sure to check the size of your phone before buying the product as it measures 19.5cm in length, 4cm in width and 11cm in height.

Bostanten company, the producer of this wallet, guarantee 100% quality on this product, but it has to be bought from authorized sellers, as the case of Amazon.

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Zero Grid Money Belt

Some travelers may feel safer with a money belt travel wallet style. During a trip you are traveling with all essential documents and keeping them safe must be a priority, in this scenario a wallet closer to your body may be a good fit.Zero Grid Money Belt w/RFID Blocking - Concealed Travel Wallet & Passport Holder

The breathable material is ideal to carry it during long periods, as it is made with 210D Ripstop nylon which makes it a lightweight and water-resistant product. This money belt has two zippered compartments which accommodate passport, cash, cards, and boarding pass.

It also has the RFID blocks feature, safeguarding your documents against identity theft. If you are looking for a durable product, chances are high you will be satisfied with this accessory as the company provides 100% lifetime money-back guarantee, which shows they are proud of what they have accomplished.

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Andes Zipped Travel Document

We couldn’t finish our list without a simple, affordable and yet reliable option for travelers. If you don’t want to spend so much in a travel wallet, Andres created a product that will fit your documents and also your pocket.Andes Zipped Travel Document/Passport Wallet Organiser Holder Bag/Case

Known for producing camping accessories, Andres is proud of making durable products and in this case, the 1680D polyester is ideal for tough weather.

If traveling to rough places is what you are passionate about, going for Andes products you save you not only money but also time looking for something else.

It is also lightweight with only 105 grams when empty, and don’t forget to check the measures (23.5cm length x 16cm height x 3cm width) to confirm it will fit all your documents.

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WINOMO Passport Holder Cover

Another affordable option ideal for a first wallet, this passport holder would make a great gift for young travelers. The style is modern with fun colours like blue, pink and orange, but it is also perfect for travel documents.WINOMO Passport Holder Cover Case Polyester RFID Blocking Travel Wallet Multi-function Wallet Credit Card ID Documents9.3 4.9 1.2 inch(Orange)

It fits four cards, two passports, cash, boarding pass and still have pen and key holders. If your young adult is traveling for the first time alone, this cool accessory will keep all documents in only one place.

This accessory is made with polyester, a lightweight material and the size is 23.5cm length, 12.5cm width and 3cm height.

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Travel Document Holder by 1642

We finish our list of travel wallets for your next trip with a simple but sophisticated option. This accessory has a classic style in black colour with a tab, and even though it seems small, when open part of it unfolds making room for a boarding pass.Leather Travel Document Holder with Tab by 1642

On the other side, it fits a passport and credit card with also a zippered pocket. This is a clean wallet ideal for those who don’t like to carry a big wallet around, but if you like wearing in pants pockets it is highly recommended to double check the size – W11.5cm x H17cm x D2cm.

If you know someone who is minimalist, this is also a good accessory to give as a gift or buy it for yourself. On the other hand, it is not recommended if you need to carry more than few documents when traveling.

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