It is that time of the year when boots, coats, winter hats and gloves are part of your daily routine. You are constantly wearing them, so choosing the right accessories to engage in the coldest season of the year it is extremely important. In this list of best snow boots, we have chosen options for the men, women and kids. When selecting your next boots, make sure to look for features such asflyusanywhere snowboots warmth, comfort, waterproof, sole grip and breathability. Those are basic details that you will make your winter time easier, but thinking about weight and how it looks on you it is also very important, specially when travelling.

In this list of best snow boots, there is an option for winter activities or casual atmosphere and in some cases for both. It is highly recommended to invest in a boot that is well-known in the market for its quality and each boot was carefully chosen to you based on this concept, when quality and high-level products are guarantee of a good season. Now you just have two things to do: book your flight through to get the best deals and pick your next snow boots for your trip, this combination will make your vacation time effortless.


Timberland Men’s Tenmile Waterproof Boots

Timberland offers a casual yet powerful winter boots for men in the Tenmile boots style. Made with leather, this boot actually hides features essential during the harsh months of the year. Starting with its Primaloft insulation which makes the boot breathable, lightweight with a superior softness.

While its midsole is basic to provide stability, when made with EVA (ethel vinyl acetate) improves low-temperature toughness, crack resistance and this material also contain waterproof properties. There are two more attributes that make this boot to be on our top list: a Scotchgard protection and a lug sole.

The first maintain stains away and the lug sole means it is made out of rubber with deep indentations offering an extra grip, essential in a slippery environment. All those characteristics will keep your shoes warm with style, ideal to be used on the snow or in the street.


flyusanywhere snowboots

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KEEN Men’s Durand Polar Hiking Boots

Let’s start writing this review for Durand Polar boots with three essential features for any winter boots: KEEN warm, KEEN dry and Thermal heat shield footbed. The dry feature offers a breathable membrane which keeps vapor and water out; in order to keep it warm,

KEEN provides a lightweight insulation with a charcoal bamboo and; and the thermal heat detail has three layers: wool on the outside, cushion in the middle and foil barrier inside. Every detail thought to bring the best for a hiking experience during winter time, but still keeping a charming design.

This style is flexible, light on the feet and not bulky, which are characteristics to any casual boots. All that said, this could be an option if you are looking for a 2-in-1 accessory to bring on your next trip, a boot that during the day can be a tough hiking boot, in the night turns into a casual footwear.


flyusanywhere keen snowboots

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Bogs Men’s Bozeman Tall-M Snow Boot

When Bogs started in Oregon, in the USA, back in 2002 its main idea was to provide an essential boot for farmers. It is not easy to find the correct features for a daily basis accessory aimed for all weather permitting situations, but the Bozeman Tall style was elected the best winter boots by Outside Magazine in 2017, a company that knows about winter gear.

The characteristics of this boots are ideal to make the style your best winter companion, as per example, the 7MM Neo-Tech Waterproof Insulation holds your feet dry. Additionally, the max-wick feature keeps the sweat away form your feet and has a high slip resistance.

Its midsole is made with EVA, Ortholite, which among other characteristics offers high-level breathability, long term cushion and lightweight, and Durafresh, a characteristic you want in your boot as it fights against bad odor. Ideal to endure harsh weather, its comfort rated to -72 F/ -60 C and is 30% lighter than comparable boots.


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Muck Boot Men’s Artic Excursion

Here is a boot to keep around for a daily use winter boot. Its 5 mm CR flex-foam has a good insulation, but depending on how long exposed in the snow can’t keep your feet warm for too long. On the other hand, has a comfort rate of -40C/-40F and it is 100% waterproof with a heat retention property.

The EVA midsole gives a lightweight cushion and it adjusts the feet’s contours. The rubber pod EVA sole has small and big grips in order to keep you safe to walk around in slippery surfaces.

Compared to the boots above, this would be a good spare pair to use in a more daily basis routine. In this deal by it comes in black, green and black/gray/red.


flyusanywhere muck snowboots

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Sorel Women’s Caribou Boot

Here is a style made to last, in the market since 1972 this is considered a boot for heavy snow. It offers sealed waterproof construction in its leather upper body with a rubber lower wrap. Insulation is done with a 9mm removable liner plus sherpa material, keeping your feet warm and it is still easily washable.

Outsole is made with rubber shell with Sorel aero-trac non-loading feature, in this case you can notice that the outsole will have rounded grips. This boot is rated to handle -40°C / -40°F, keeping your feet warm and dry.

In this deal by you will find three colours option: black/stone, buff and shale/stone, and Caribou Boots are available for men’s by accessing this link. If style matters to you along with a high quality warm boot, Sorel’s Caribou is a boot to rely on.


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Muck Boot Women’s Artic Ice Tall Work Boot

Muck created Artic Ice Work Boot for extreme conditions and it presents new features made to keep you safe in cold weather. While Vibram Artic grip outsole pods gives advanced traction on wet ice, the full base layer detail delivers the highest level of traction on dry ice.

This is a long boot with soft yet tough rubber coverage, ending in a heavy-duty 8mm flex-foam neoprene which makes the boot 100% waterproof. Additionally, the boots are designed to match female foot contours.

Those characteristics noted above fits activities like walking in water, ice and mud, and in case you are an adventurous traveler you know how necessary this boot can be. Its comfortable rating goes from -50 °C to -1 °C | -60 °F to 30 °F, which means a great accessory for a mild weather.


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Bogs Women’s Classic Winter Snow Boots

Every woman need a classic black boots and Bogs offers a style to get you geared for the winter time. This is a tall model made with rubber and neo-tech, which provides a waterproof feature keeping a nice stretch.

The Bogs neo-tech feature turns this boot into a daily accessory as it will be easy to wear, and comfortable to walk around in any kind of winter environment, as its comfort rate is -40C/-40F so you will be safe in most weather conditions.

This classic style sold at is offered in black and black gloss, for those looking for a fancy detail in the winter boots. Bogs is a reliable footwear brand and guarantees any material defect for 1 year of use.


flyusanywhere bogs womans snowboots

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Merrell Women’s Tremblant Tall Polar Waterproof Snow Boots

If you are looking for a casual boot that still protects your lower body from harsh temperatures, Merrell offers an option for your next winter boot. This is a tall style made with leather and faux fur collar, offered in three classics colours: black, Merrell oak and espresso.

Even though it has a fashionable design with a lace closure it hides a zipper to wear it easier. Its features are ideal to wear during snow periods, as it promises you a dry, warm and with safe grip in mixed terrains.

M Select Dry characteristic keeps water away but it also let the moist out. Its insulation is lightweight, but achieves the warm feature, blocking the heat inside your boots maintaining you warm. Women can be relaxed with this style by Merrell, as the brand is known for reliable activities footwear.


flyusanywhere merrell womans snowboots

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Bogs Kids Boys Classic Prints

It is not an easy job to find boots for kids, they need to be uncomplicated to wear and aimed for low temperatures. In this classic style by Bogs, you will find a rubber boot will keep the little ones warm and dry.

Its design offers two handles for kids wear them effortless, while its features will make any parents happy. The EVA foot bed has Dura Fresh, a feature that fights against odors, it is 100% waterproof and with a comfort rated to -34C/-30F, those are some of the reasons this boot is highly recommended by parents.

This style is available for toddlers and kids, and in case you are looking for a boot to a little girls, Bogs Kids Classic Bear Snow Boot is the closest option with the same features. As you have noticed Bogs is again in our list completing the kids style for one of the best snow boots.


flyusanywhere bogs kids snowboots

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Sorel Unisex Kids Flurry-K Snow Boots

Winter activities can be really pleasant or a total disaster if you don’t have the appropriate gear and, parents know the importance of the right accessories. In case your next trip involves snow activities, it is highly recommended to check Sorel Flurry-K snow boots for kids.

The best features in the boots are the way it stays closed, ideal to keep little ones dry and warm during movement. A built-in gaiter and adjustable velcro strap keeps the boot where it is supposed to be, while the collar adjustable lock closure maintains it tight without harm.

Its rubber outside material combined with multi-directional sole guarantee a safe winter accessory. Amazon offers six colors for boys and girls with colours for stylish kids.


flyusanywhere sorel kids snowboots


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Kamik Kids Snobuster 2 Snow Boot

Despite being a snow boot, Snobuster 2 by Kamik is actually an all-weather accessory. Made with rubber, it is waterproof and it can handle up to -30C / -25F, with its 6mm thermal guard removable liner. Ideal for wet conditions, keeping your feet dry and comfortable.

Parents will like to know this is easy to clean and you don’t need to worry about mud or puddles plays as its adjustable snow collar keep every dirty away from the kid’s feet.

This style is available for toddler and kids up to 8 years old, in five colours: charcoal/orange, magenta/black, camouflage, navy/blue, purple/teal. It offers a classic design with one colour dominant and, colourful details in the snow collar and sole.


flyusanywhere kamik kids snowboots

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EXTRA accessory: Socks

Socks are extremely necessary for any boot, part because it warms you up and also keeps your feet away from harm. It is an protection against cold temperatures and provides an extra layer of comfort. That is reason why we selected three styles for your winter activities, all from Smartwool, a brand that understands quality products and are known for guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Smartwool Men’s PHD Outdoor Medium Crew Socks – An option recommended by Amazon, this style is made with 63% wool, 35% polyamide and 2% elastane. It offers medium cushion for a diversified terrain, absorbing impacts in the trail.

Those socks have 4-degree elite fit for stretch and promises to keep your socks in place.

flyusanywhere snowboot socks

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Smartwool Women’s Margarita Socks – Made with 60% Merino wool, 37% nylon and 3% elastane, just so you know, merino wool is developed from a specie of sheep which are known for surviving in cold and hot weather.

Those socks provide features as a supportive arch brace and a secure fit while its moisture management evaporates moist to keep your feet dry.

flyusanywhere womens snowboot socks

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Smartwool Winter Sport Stripe Socks – Kids will look cute and warm with this option by Smartwool. Also made with merino wool, it is composed of 70% merino wool, 28% polyamide and 2% elastane, this style provides cushion from sole to leg.

Suitable for all winter activities as it is a long, comfortable and warm socks for infants and toddlers.

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