Best Ski Resorts In Europe

Spending a holiday skiing is among the top things to do for most travelers. Mostly because it is a fun way to enjoy the harsh, but beautiful, winter time. In this list, we have selected the seven top best ski resorts in Europe and everything that makes each one of them special. From luxurious to first time options, these places are sure to make your holiday period unforgettable. They offer not only the full structure for winter sports, but also charming restaurants and entertainment for all ages. Additionally, all options can also be a great summer place for your next trip as they offer activities in nature during the hotter months of the year.

When spending a holiday doing winter activities it is extremely important to follow safety rules. Here are some simple ones that should be follow every time: use adequate ski equipment (all resorts offer equipment rentals in case you don’t have your own); dress comfortably (using layers and proper winter clothes is mandatory); get classes (especially if it will be your first-time skiing); always wear googles and check if your health insurance covers sports injuries. While in the ski pistes make sure to follow all rules, respecting others and yourself as well. Those are just some tips to make the best of your ski trip, avoiding danger and keeping having fun at all times.

So, now it is time to discover which are the best ski resorts in Europe. After reading this list you just have the difficult job to choose your next destination and book your flight with us, Don’t forget to tag your photos with #flyustoskiresorts as we want to see you having fun on those amazing places across Europe.

Innsbruck, Austria

This is a two in one winter destination, while staying in one place you can still enjoy additional nine resorts in the region with 300 kilometers of pistes. The Olympia World sells skipass including access to Nordkette-Seegrube, Patscherkofel, Axamer Lizum, Muttereralm, Rangger Kopfl, Glungezer, Schlick 2000, Stubai Glacier and Kuhtai.

All resorts offer winter activities like skiingcross-country skiingtobogganingice climbingski touring, just to name some. If you are not sure which one to go, here are some tips: Kuhtai is Austria’s highest ski resort; Muttereralm and Rangger Kopfl are family-friend and, Stubai Glacier is the largest in Austria.

Most of them were also locations for Winter Olympics in two occasions: 1964 and again, in 1976. By getting the skipass you can visit more than one during your trip and that is the best reason you should chose Innsbruck as your next destination, as it will give the possibility for all family to have fun. After deciding on your skipass, you will receive a welcome card giving access to Free Ski bus, taking you to different ski areas and bringing you back to your hotel by the end of the day.

The area has a great structure for winter, offering not only all the support for sports but also all the winter’s charm people love, not only in the mountains but also in Innsbruck. The Tyrolean capital provides events and architectural samples for travelers who are looking for cultural activities.

As noted above it is a destination for everybody who loves to travel and, you will not regret choosing Innsbruck as your next ski resort destination.


Val d’Islere, France                      

Open seasonally for winter sports from November to March, Val d’Islere is a must-go place for all ski lovers. One of the main reasons is because some famous ski names came from there, as the case of Jean Claude Killy, which gives the name to Espace Killy.

Located in the French Alps valley, of course you can expect mountain charm but Val d’Islere goes above and beyond offering also adventure. It is true the village is now car free, elevating the fancy sensation, but let’s get back to what matters and, in this case, is ski.

During a season in Val d’Islere you will be able to discover 3,000 kilometers of ski area and slopes with 3,400 meters of altitude, at the top of La Grande Motte glacier will be at 3,456 meters of altitude, despite this fact, La Face de Bellevarde is the most famous slope.

All information about services like lifts and slopes are available in their website. Beginners skiers should not get intimated by Val d’Islere as it offers great structure for all levels, with ski schools or independent instructors ready to help. Actually, all structure is there to make skier’s lives easy, as example the lifts connecting people to different areas so you don’t have to walk a lot.

Val d’Islere brings together the comfort and adventure in one place.


Zermatt, Switzerland

Located in the Southern part of Switzerland, Zermatt shares its borders with Italy giving the possibility for more experienced travelers to ski in both countries.

Being the highest winter sports area in Switzerland, it would be a surprise Zermatt is open year-round but it is true and, travelers can go hike or enjoy the village with still experiencing the mountain landscape.

The Matterhorn is an awe-inspiring mountain that can be seen from far away, it lays impeccable as a triangle in a single three-thousand-meter peak. If you want to see it closer, it is worth to do the excursion to Gornergrat, a viewpoint with Matterhorn as a background.

When we talk about ski resorts, we cannot forget the activities offered and in Zermatt case, they are aimed for all kind of travelers as it includes snow tube, skiing, hiking, dirt scooter, tours, luxurious accommodations and restaurants, just to name a few. Skiers will be happy with its 360 kilometers and the greatest vertical drop in the country, but don’t be worried if you are beginning to experience ski as it has ski slopes for all levels: easy, medium and hard.

The panoramic map shows every detail live and you will be able to follow services status by downloading the app Zermatt Ski guide, which it will help you to move around easily so you can get more of your time in there.

Keep in mind Zermatt has tons of activities and it is impossible to experience everything just once, it is a place to keep in mind every time you think about going on a ski holiday.


Courchevel, France

Here is a luxurious option to spend your vacation in high level. Just to start it with, it is good to know that Courchevel offers a heated pavement connecting four small villages!

Regarding ski, it offers two areas: Courchevel has 150 kilometers of ski runs while the 3 Valleys is the biggest interconnected ski area in the world.

In 3 Valleys, 50% of slopes are easy runs with high tech lifts ready to help you and, it still gets better as due to its slopes location running mostly north-faced, snow is guaranteed. If you are an advanced skier it is definitely recommended to try The Whole Saulire in Courchevel.

When not skiing it is good to know that the area offers the best in all types of accommodations: hotels, chalets and apartments, in all-inclusive, a la carte or do it yourself options. Shopping is another upscale thing to do while in Courchevel as the area has more than a hundred boutiques or you can choose to spend a day in a spa.

Actually, you will not get bored there as the place offers uncountable activities such as helicopter tour or cooking classes, just to give you a hint.

This is the place to go and be spoiled by doing everything you ever want to and rarely have a chance to, the way any holiday should be. Don’t you agree?


St. Moritz, Switzerland

Our fifth position goes for a classic winter destination. The oldest winter resort holiday in the world was eternized by James Bond’s movie The Spy Who Loved Me and, also by being one of UNESCO heritage site.

Altogether the region of Engadin St, Moritz has 350 kilometers of pistes and, Corviglia snowpark is among the most famous one with fun slope, easy park for beginners, blue line for advanced skiers and medium line for those with medium experience. The park also offers mountain restaurants to elevate your time in there.

This place is a big winter destination being the end of two train lines (Glacier Express and Bernina Express) and home of one airport (Engadin Airport). Activities are also a big deal here as they offer additional ones like curling, cross-country skiing and bob run, being the only natural ice track in the world.

In St. Moritz is also possible to discover, and do if you are brave enough, the Cresta run, a sport where the athlete is literally really close to the floor and slide with skeleton in a speed up to 140 km/h. If this is a new sport for you, it is good to know that has been available in St. Moritz since 1884.

This is part of what the city calls St. Moritz Bucket List which offers 30 things to do before you leave and trust us, you will want to do everything.



Cortina D’Ampezzo, Italy

Cortina D’Ampezzo is an option for those looking for a high quality, but also cozy destination. It is not because the place has feel things to do but when compared to its neighbor Dolomiti Superski, which has 1,200 kilometers of slopes, Cortina D’Ampezzo seems smaller with 85 kilometers.

Actually, those kilometers are part of Dolomiti Superski which includes 12 ski regions. So, visiting Cortina D’Ampezzo is experiencing a famous destination when talking about winter sports without losing the little places charm.

Skiers will have three different areas to discover: Cortina Cube, Tofana and Lagazuoi 5 Torri, all connected by a free bus service. Cortina Cube has a special area for children, Tofana holds 30 slopes and Lagazuoi 5 Torri is home of the Super8 Ski Tour, it gets this name as it is possible to see the eight summits of Dolomites: Tofana, Pelmo, Civetta, Marmolada, Fanes, Averau, 5 Torri and Conturines.

In the season that runs from November to April activities like Nordic skiing, more thematic ski tours, snowshoe, ice skating and sledge are some of the options available in the area.

Cortina D’Ampezzo is a famous destination among ski lovers and should be on your list when thinking about a ski vacation.


Myrkdalen, Norway                     

Here is a more affordable option for those who wants to experience skiing. Myrkdalen is a family friend ski resort with direct flights from London to the Bergen International Airport, only two hours away from Myrkdalen.

An excellent option for first timers, they offer 22 slopes and what they call, a magic carpet. If you are a beginner it is good to know that they have a ski school aimed for all travelers who want to have fun. Kids will also love this place as it offers a kid’s area with competitions and school among other activities for the small ones, including child care.

Myrkdalen offers all structure in its complex with 6 food options, a cozy and intimate way to spend your vacation time. It is also possible to participate in uncountable events taking place in the area year-round and you can check them by clicking here.

If you are thinking on learning a new sport in an intimate and cozy way in Norway, Myrkdalen is your place as it is a great area to learn and if you are just beginning into the ski adventures, this will be a perfect place for you.

As you can see, there is quite a lot of choice amongst the best ski resorts in Europe and we hope this list has helped you to find one for you.


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