The Best Safari Holidays

Travelling is for curious. People who like to understand and see what this big world has to offer, improving our knowledge and giving experiences difficult to forget. If you agree with that statement, going on a safari will be one of those unforgettable trips and something you must do at least once in your lifetime. With that in mind, here we have found the best safari holidays for you right here.

When seeing an animal in its natural habitat, watching their behavior so close it is truly amazing and we want you to live that adventure. That is the reason why we have selected the best safari holidays including a diversity of animals in different parts of the globe. You will notice the African continent is a champion when the subject is wildlife, but you will also be surprised by new places the world has to offer.

While in Africa you will be able to see the famous big five (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino and leopard), while in the islands of Madagascar and Galapagos you see smaller species like lemurs, just to name one and not spoiling your own discoveries. When doing a safari, it is highly recommended to go with a travel agency as they know how to be safe, respecting the animals while still promoting fun.

If you are nature engaged, probably will like to know that the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) promotes safari travels and you can check them here. Discovering a place with a reliable company will make all the difference in your trip. So, let’s start your planning by discovering which are the best safari holidays and what you will see there.

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Namibia has been in the past years in the holophotes for adventure travelers. A country with an incredible diversity from the shore to the mountains, it is definitely a place to go if you are an explorer. One of its main attraction is Etosha National Park, in northern area of the country, closer to Angola border than to the capital city Windhoek.

It will be on this park where you will mostly feel inside a National Geographic documentary, part is because of its dry landscape with waterholes, where animals can be spotted.

The most famous in the park are Okaukuejo, Halali and Goas, Okondeka and, Sueda and Salvadora. If you are not convinced, the dry area called Etosha Pan is the largest salt pan in Africa and can be seen from space, making it special and being in first place on our list of best safari holidays.

Additionally, here is also possible to see the famous big five. During a visit to Etosha National Park it is highly recommended to stay inside the park in one of their six accommodation options. All information to plan your trip is available in the park website: 

South Africa

South Africa is probably one of the best-known place’s when thinking about safari. Mostly because of Kruger National Park, widely known around the world for a chance to see the big five but actually the park goes beyond that and, one of the coolest things to see there are the uncommon animals, as the case of serval and caracal.

The park offers an excellent structure for visitors with upscale lodging and safaris tours for different kinds of travelers. If you like luxury or are more adventurous, you will have an activity for you.

It is highly recommended though to stay in the park as it is located far from big South African cities. Travelling to this area in the country requires some planning as it is not so close to the capital city, Cape Town, but travel agencies offers great deals on how to get there.

Closer to Cape Town is another area where elephants are kings. Addo Elephant National Park was created in 1931 to save 11 elephants from extinction and nowadays is home of more than 350 of them, but during a visit to the park you will additionally see buffalo, black rhinos, antelopes, among others species.

Addo is a great option for an extended visit from Cape Town as it is located almost 800 kilometers away and only 72 kilometers from Port Elizabeth. Definitely this is one of the best safari holidays out there.



Northern Tanzania concentrates everything we expect when doing a safari in Africa: natural beauty and abundant wildlife. When picking this area as your next destination, the city of Arusha is the closest to the three important touristic destinations: Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Serengeti National Park and the famous climbing destination, Mount Kilimanjaro.

In this article, we will focus on the first two of them where safari is a must do activity. Starting with Ngorongoro Conservation Area famous for the largest intact volcano crater in the world with its 20 kilometers wide, 600 meters deep in 300 square kilometers, it has become home for approximately 30,000 animals. Its diversity brings all kind of animals, especially the famous Big Five which is possible to see year-round.

The adventure continues in Serengeti National Park where from November to July it is possible to see one of the most incredible nature action, the wildebeest migration. Watching two million animals like gnus, zebras and gazelles moving in a savannah is an experience that places Tanzania in top places to go for safari.

In case you aren’t convinced, check the animals available to see in the national park by clicking here.

Add to your tour a visit to Lake Manyara, famous for lions lying on trees. Due to its localization, travelers usually include to their plan a visit to Masai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.



While in most of our African safaris options where big animals are the main attraction, in Madagascar you will see diversity in smaller species. Even though the island is part of the African continent, it will present a characteristic environment with almost 80% of its nature encountered only in there.

Think about a diversity of chameleon and lemurs in a remote island where your only job is to look for them while having fun. Starting a trip in the capital city Antananarivo will be the beginning of an adventure which can continue in the Ranomafama National Park, habitat of 12 species of lemurs and more than 100 species of birds.

In order to see the indri lemur, and its specific song, the Parc National d’Andasibe is your best option. It is also in Madagascar where you are going to see the endangered diademed sifaka, one of the largest lemurs on earth.

The best thing about a safari on Madagascar is to do it by walking, seeing animals hard to find anywhere making you feel in another world. Before you go, enjoy the animated movies Madagascar and relax previously boarding into the real adventure.


This small South American country holds an important episode for Evolution, it was here that Charles Darwin stopped and made progress on his theory about Natural Selection. Actually, it was in the Galapagos island where he found species which helped him to write the book called “On the Origin of Species”, showing a new scientific view for biological origins of life.

Travelers will be surprised by animals less known by adventurous people that call Galapagos home. The Galapagos Safari Camp offers all the infra structure for all kind of travelers willing to visit this little piece of nature.

They offer three safari styles: land based, cruise based and Ecuador Mainland. The option for getting deeper into nature are the land based safaris with classic, family and dive themes, those are great opportunities if you are looking to experience a real safari, staying in nature accommodation while sightseeing the animal’s natural habitat.

During a visit to Galapagos you will discover some of the most important reserves on earth, being able to see animals like tortoises, iguanas, blue-footed boobies and, also marine animals such as turtles, sea lions and sharks. Any place you go you will discover new species and environments hard to find anywhere else on earth.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Our sixth position in the list of best safari holiday goes to a place aimed for travelers who like wild nature. The main reason is because this is a hard place to get to, but don’t be discouraged as when you experience it will be like a dream.

Different from most Africa’s countries when talking about safaris, the Democratic Republic of Congo is still struggling to promote their destination but as home of Virunga National Park they shouldn’t. Just to give you a head’s up, the park’s main attractions are gorillas and volcanoes. What a combination!

Considered Africa’s Oldest National Park, Virunga is making the best way possible to preserve mountain gorillas and one of those ways is the practicing tourism. An approximately 4-hour hiking round trip will bring you closer to those animals, an experience few tourists have done in the world.

During a visit to the park, it is also possible to watch chimpanzees and hike to see a volcano, not any but the world’s largest lava lake. If you think it will be difficult to plan a visit to DRC, check the national park website as they offer all information about transportation, accommodation and visas. Before you go, watch the documentary Virunga available on Netflix, showing how the national park is fighting to preserve the gorillas.


India ends this list with a magnificent central figure: the tiger. This animal often seeing in movies but rarely in nature is the king of safaris in the country, which is home of more than 50% of tigers living worldwide.

India has 39 tiger sanctuaries but as a big country they are not easily accessible and, in this case, booking a trip with a travel agency is a wise decision, especially if you want to add doing a safari to see Bengal tigers to your itinerary.

Getting closer to them from the city of Kolkata, northeast of India, takes at least 3 types of transportation. It will be in the state of Madhya Pradesh where you will have more places to go, as it has five parks where tigers call home, Kanha Tiger Reserve being the most famous.

Only approximately 200 kilometers away, Bandavagarh National park offer higher chances of seeing a tiger, mostly because of its density but also because apparently the tigers are more adapted to tourists. Either way, this is a great note for travelers who want to see the animals. Rajasthan is probably one of the most popular destination for visitors and the state doesn’t disappoint those looking for tigers.

This fact alone makes the Ranthambore National Park a must-go place when planning your trip through the state.

Now that you know where the best safari holidays are, you are ready to book your next trip. Just make sure to check our website for the best deals.

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