Best Christmas Presents for Travel Lovers

Here is a list you have been expecting and we have elevated the options of the best Christmas presents for travel lovers with a selection of the coolest accessory gifts combined with experiences.

You heard right, we found the best experiences a traveler can get for Christmas and they are all here for you to choose from. Any traveler will be surprised by the gifts of our list as there is an option for anybody, as example, books for readers, guides for planners and getaways for those looking for a break.

After reading this list you will know which present each of your loved ones will like and your Christmas shopping will be done. The hardest part will be not buying something for you, but trust us you also deserve a Christmas present and chances are high you will end up with a present for you.


Kindle oasis

Earlier this year we have deciphered which e-reader is best for your vacation and now Amazon launches the masterpiece of e-readers with the all-new Kindle Oasis. This new style has something no other e-reader have: it is waterproof. So, beach lovers will love to get one as a gift to bring along the nature destinations.

Additionally, it has the highest storage with option for 8gb or 32 gb, increasing your library capacity. It automatically adapts the front light adjusting to your surroundings, but it can also be tuned for your personal preferences. Fans of audio books will be happy with the Audible feature as it is possible to listen books anyplace, and it can be connected with Bluetooth headphones to give you more flexibility during your trips.

Ideal for long flights, when your eyes want to relax but your mind is still up for a good story. This option has the highest resolution in a better 7’ display, weighing only 194 grams. If you know a traveler who is a reader, giving this giving is a beautiful way of saying ‘Merry Christmas”.

Available from


Lonely Planet Magazine Subscription

Despite the internet giving access to a lot of content, receiving a magazine at home is like getting a new gift every time. Leafing trough a magazine is still a hobby and can give a lot of ideas for next trips, which is always a good option for travelers.

Lonely Planet is widely known for its travel guides and it is trustworthy travel company creating interesting content for avid travelers. For an affordable amount, you will be able to give a monthly gift to your loved one, as the subscription sends 12 issues per year directly to the home address provided. But if the person is a savvy tech, the digital option is available and can be downloaded to preferred device in only seconds.

Here are some benefits of subscribing for LP magazine: never miss a trending destination, get the knowledge from one of the biggest travel guides company, be inspired by places you have never been and travel without leaving your couch in a cozy night. If you identify someone who will be happy with those benefits, here is the best gift you can find.

Price: £28.40 for digital edition and £29.90 for print edition at Buy Subscription.


A Getaway in UK

There is no better gift as a trip itself and with Buy A Gift website you can surprise someone with happy days in the UK. The website offers a variety of experiences, but travelers will be surprised by the short breaks collection.

It is possible to buy one or two-night breaks, glamping, family breaks, city center breaks and spa breaks, just to name a few. Some of the options are multi-choice, which a voucher bought gives the possibility of choosing among some locations, as is the case of “Two nights for the Price of One Hotel Break – Deluxe Selection” with 36 locations available, this two night accommodation for two includes breakfast. How cool is that?

Vouchers usually expire in 10 months giving plenty of time to travel within this period. Most experience offer free exchange, 60 days refund policy and all is done in the internet, as an e-voucher is sent to your inbox. This is a great opportunity to give a gift that will make memories and it is possible to make any kind of traveler happy with a diversity of options for families, for one, a couple, a group of friends or a gift for yourself, because you deserve it.

Price: Christmas sale with breaks starting on £40 at Buy A Gift.


Book: Where Chefs Eat

We can’t affirm they will die because travel guides are here to make any traveler’s life easier and nowadays new subjects are popping up in this area focusing on a new target. As it is the case of the Where Chefs Eat book from Phaidon, a press known for high-level content with an artistic design, which is bringing to you what professionals like to eat.

This 996-pages guide will show addresses and information from more than 3,000 restaurants around the world attended by professional chefs, which of course know what they are talking about.

We know you do have that foodie friend or family who is always excited about eating and would love to get this as a gift. If you want to go over, as it is an affordable gift, Where Bartenders Drink presents the secrets bartenders have found and Where to Drink Coffee is for coffee lovers as 600 spots across 50 countries are listed in this book.

In case you know the person has a passion for pizza, Where to Eat Pizza is also available. The four compose a great little library for foodie travelers, but in case you want to save some money still giving a great gift, get the first one.

Books can be found at


Core Lens Clip for iPhone

It is almost impossible to travel and not snap a picture, travelling and taking pictures are connected. If you know a friend that taking a picture is an must-do activity when visiting new places, giving a Core Lens Clip for iPhone is a sure shot.

Here is a small gadget that will make all the difference in the memories or in Instagram, these four accessories offer new ideas for taking pictures. In this option, aimed for iPhone 8/8 Plus and iPhone 7/7 Plus it is possible to turn the phone camera into fisheye, wide-angle and macro features.

If you are not familiar, all of them will open the wide range of the camera, turning the amateur pictures into professional ones. Easy-to-use, as they attach effortless to the iPhone camera, and small enough to carry in a bag, this 32 grams items will change your friend or family trip.

Any travelers will be happy with this gift, but if you notice a friend has the best Instagram feed, that is the friend that will love this surprise in this best Christmas present for travel lovers list.

Available at


A night in a hotel

Hotel Gift proposes a new way of giving a traveler a gift, as the name states in this website you are able to buy a hotel voucher. The principle is simple, you choose the delivery method: printout which is a PDF for your e-mail, gift card sent to your address or e-mail with a e-card or e-video option.

Then, you just have to write how much your voucher will be, there is no prefixed price as you type the amount for the gift. In the next step you just confirm it and it is done, as simple as it can be.



In order to redeem the person will visit the website and pick one of the 110,000 hotels from 140 brands available in the website. They offer opportunities for any budget with hotels around the world and vouchers have 2 years expiration period.

In this case you don’t have the feeling of making a mistake or picking the wrong gift, you simply offer a stay in any place a person wants. The best part is that this is simple to buy and simple to use gift, ideal for all travelers.

Price: You decide how much you want to spend.


Subscription boxes

The idea of a subscription box is to amaze a person monthly with a themed surprise. How does it work? You simply find the right theme and here we have selected three samples: One Hundred Acre will deliver luxury honey and related food products from around the world to the address of your choice, Monthly Flavours is all about Mediterranean food ingredients offering a journey to places in this area of the world that will make any person start researching about Mediterranean area and Made in France explains itself presenting France to your doorstep every monthly.

After choosing the best option, you subscribe for the monthly payment and a person or you will receive a box full of surprises each month. It is a simple and yet curious way of offering a cool gift to someone, it brings back the feeling of curiosity as you never know what you will get until you get the box.

In case you are not sure about those options we proposed, you will easily find additional box ideas at All Subscriptions Box website. Any person subscribed to a box can follow the website and community to get additional information on becoming a pro in the theme. It is a gift that surprises your loved one each month, who wouldn’t like that?

Price: Starting from £ 10 at One Hundred Acre.


Art Pass

If you have a loved one whom art is passion, giving the Art Pass as a Christmas present will bring joy to his or her life. This pass gives monthly free access to over 240 art establishments in UK, including museums, art galleries and historic landmarks.

Additionally, the member will have a 50% discount in some exhibitions. It is easy to acquire the pass as you just need to follow the steps on their website choosing between the membership type which can be for an individual, double (two adults), under 26 years old, family (two adults and two children under 16) and life (individual for a lifetime).

It gives you the possibility to surprise a family or save some money and encourage young adults to discover the beauty of art. It not only gives free access to places like Kensington Palace in London or Cardiff Castle in Cardiff, but also a quarterly subscription for an art magazine.



If you buy now, it still gives the possibility of seeing some exhibitions such as Harry Potter: A history of Magic at British Library and Cezanne Portraits at National Portrait Gallery for half of the price, both are available until February 2018.

Price: Find at Art Fund with a subscription starting from £32.


Luxury Passport case

Keeping your passport safe is a priority while travelling as it is your document to the world, which open doors to new places and bring you safely home.

Travelers who had bad experiences with documents abroad will understand when we say to keep it safe and those who don’t should trust us. As it is something you keep around all the time, having a special case protects against conditions of caring it for too long as for example, tearing up inside a bag or even getting wet.

It is true we cannot predict bad behaviour from people, but for those other conditions as noted above a case can save your document. For this reason, we selected an elevated option with a luxury edition from The Case Factor. This metallic option gives a fancy style for the trip, an ideal gift for that luxurious friend that likes to be on the spot.

Before you buy, make sure to check the measurements, which in this case is 14.5cm length and 10cm width. If you want to add an extra touch, what about adding an iPhone case? At you can find a similar color for £79.

Price: £120 at Net-A-Porter


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