20 Luxury Travel Accessories for Men

Travelling is wonderful, an open-minded activity and bringing with it a fulfilling feeling. It is something extraordinary. Some accessories are available to help travelers during the route or when in the place, travelers face some obstacles like long time flights or airport waiting period which can be annoying for an anxious person wanting to arrive at the destination. This selection contemplates the best luxury travel accessories for all traveler men with good taste. You can be an adventurous traveler, going on a business trip or traveling with your family, you will certain find the right item to make your life easier. So, buckle up and discover the best 20 Luxury Travel Accessories for Men right here!

  1. Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

The American company Bose created a quiet and yet comfortable over-ear headphone. The Bluetooth and noise-cancelling features you will hear only what you want in the best way possible, excellent to use during long flights when you need to relax in an overwhelming environment. As good as it sounds, this set is a two in one opportunity as a sound sports in-ear headphone is included in the package. Thinking about your well-being, the sports headphone is wireless and sweat/weather resistant. Both items maintain Bose excellent audio reputation, making this item your best friend during a trip.



  1. Trakdot

Trakdot is a personal luggage tracker. Once connected to your mobile phone, will automatically report the location of your belongings. It is extremally user-friendly, as you just need to place it inside your bag, turned on and connected, the accessory will do the rest of the work. Trakdot complies with security systems from all airports and its smart system will shut off during flights and turn on automatically when the aircraft is about to land. Forget about staying longer in the airport trying to track your luggage, this device will do all your work and even help the air company. A cool item in its own right, this will also prevent you losing anything else on this 20 Luxury Travel Accessories for Men list!



  1. Kindle Voyage

A book is always a good idea, especially when you can carry your own library just in one device. The Kindle Voyage is a small device that can hold thousands of books in a 6” high resolution display and just weight 6.3 oz while being only 7.6 mm thin. The coolest thing about it is the built-in light which automatically adapts to read in different environments, from sunlight to completely darkness it is ideal for any kind of traveler. If you consider yourself a book addicted, Amazon has the Kindle Unlimited opportunity offering unlimited access to books, audiobook, and magazines for just $9.99 a month. It’s no wonder this made it onto our 20 Luxury Travel Accessories for Men list.



  1. Samsonite Garment Bag


The Samsonite Silhouette XV Duet Voyager garment bag is ideal for travelers looking for convenience during a business trip. Its design provides easy access to items as the bag unfolds completely and has separated spaces for each accessory. The luggage has a special place to hang your suit keeping it from annoying wrinkles during the transportation. This carry-on size luggage adapts to most airlines compartments while preserving your clothes in shape. If you frequently travel for business, this can be a life saver.



  1. Tech case

The GRID-IT Wrap case keeps all your tech accessories organized in one place. The neoprene material makes a cool style, the stripes inside adapt to your personal items. You can carry power adapters, mouse, power cords, pens, just to name a few examples. This model has a back pocket with a size of 11 or 13 inch MacBook Air, the website also provides models for different types of notebooks and tablets. A simple affordable accessory for your trips.



  1. Hugo Boss Wash Bag

A wash bag is an essential item in any travel. The sophisticated 100% leather Hugo Boss wash bag has the exact size for your comfort, it’s 11.7 x 6.4 x 4.1 inches with 3 internal slots and a useful lateral handle to easily hang it. Place all your toiletries in this practical accessory and bring it to your next trip.



  1. Travel luggage

TUMI presents the finest travel luggage with superior quality. The Stanley Extended Trip model can expand 15 inches, adding space for your belongings. Its interior holds five zipper pockets, one of those hides a removable hanger for suits. Its exterior design is sophisticated with high-polish chrome details. Travel like a pro with this luggage to any place on the world.



  1. Apple iPad Mini 4 Tablet

In this technology world that we live in it is really difficult to disconnect. It is common to access your devices to easily get information about a place, use social media or simply browse on the internet. Nowadays tablets are widely used by travelers also as a small computer helping, as examples, dads keeping kids entertained with videos during long waiting hours on the airport.  The truth is most tablets fit in small spaces using the minimum area on an already restricted luggage. The Apple Ipad mini 4 has a good size of 7.9” display with 128gb capacity, it can be used in wi-fi and cellular data. Apple is considered a user friendly and will make the most of your trip. You will not regret it.



  1. Carry-on luggage

Tumi is back again on this list with this exclusive carry-on luggage. The Sierra International Carry-on design has front zipper pocket accessing the front compartment, zipper expansion, and protective bumper guards. Its innovative design is aimed for all kind of travelers from business to adventurous travelers.

  1. Mount Blanc pen

The pen is a necessary accessory for any occasion and the Mont Blanc Meisterstuck LeGrand Traveler Fountain Pen is one to keep. According to reviews, this pen can last several years, ideal to accompany you in around the world. This authentically model has 14k gold nib and comes with travel case. Really sophisticated item for men who like high-quality products and something worth keeping around for all occasions.



  1. Water bottle

More than just a bottle, this is a global travel water bottle. The GRAYL Ultralight Water purifier bottle transforms any fresh water into safe drinking water in only 15 seconds. You read it correctly, it will remove pathogens (99,99% of viruses, bacterias, and protozoan crysts) from any water from any place in the world. You may think this is an adventure accessory, but actually can help any traveler during emergency situations, especially when abroad. This amazing life saver has an incredible design and each traveler can choose among the colors orange, blue, green and black.



  1. Apple Hermes Watch

The Apple Watch Hermés is for sophisticated travelers in tune with the new trends, as the watch has the classic Hermés finesse combined with Apple high-quality technology. This watch is classic superior Hermés design with two bands while carrying amazing features like water resistant for shallow activities, Bluetooth, heart rate sensor and GPS, just to name a few. It is the combination every elegant traveler wants without losing the comfort and connection.



  1. North Face Jacket

North Face is known for high-quality products for adventurous travelers. The Himalayan Parka goes beyond as it is considered the warmest jacket aimed at remote places. If you are a traveler who loves being outdoor, this jacket is for you. The benefits are innumerous, the insulation system increase warmth while reducing heat loss and the durable water repellent feature will definitely keep you dry. Add all those qualities to a lifetime guarantee, you will not regret.



  1. Infinity Travel pillow

This a new way to travel comfortably! It is true long flights and road trips can be uncomfortable, you have to sit still for an exorbitant number of hours. In those cases, bringing a little comfort makes all the difference in your trip experience. The Infinity Pillow is a versatile option for the neck travel pillows. Its unique design provides flexibility to use it in different ways. Additionally, it is soft made with breathable materials and washing machine safe.



  1. Luxurious car

Even though it not a carry-on accessory and hardly you will be able to have one at home, it is possible to drive a Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini or a Corvette during your trip. If you don’t want to leave USA, it is possible to visit one of the locations of Xtreme Xperience, an event which the dream of driving a luxurious car can come true. Prices start from $749 and the event will occur in most of USA big cities. When in England, the website Dream Car Hire provides luxurious rental car starting from £270. Last but not least, Ferrari offers some experience around the globe, visit http://www.ferrari.com/pt_ca/experience

Starting from $400


  1. Mophie Powerstation

A dead battery during your trip can be frustrated, so the Powerstation 8X is the best power solution for those situations. This gadget provides 8x additional battery in a slim design. Its dual output let you charge two devices at the same time. It is easy to use, charge while at home and use as battery on-the-go. Great life saver accessory!



  1. Go Pro Hero 5 Black

The tiny Go Pro Hero 5 captures high-quality 4K video and 12MP photos. Additionally, provides incredible features as voice control and touchscreen. The camera fits in the palm of a hand, with its dimension equal as 1.26 x 2.44 x 1.75 inches and weight only 0.26 pounds. It can be used at any place, even under the water as the camera is waterproof. The product comes with accessories but it is highly recommended to research additional ones like the head strap and chest belt making the most of your adventure.



  1. Zagg Pocket Keyboard

The wireless mobile keyboard is a unique on-the-go accessory for travelers. Easily adapted to fit into pockets, when unfolded becomes a keyboard for smartphones, small tablets, Apple and Android devices. Delivering 85% of the size of a desktop keyboard, you will feel a similar experience as typing in a notebook. It is highly recommended to only use it on firm surfaces otherwise it can be damaged, don’t worry about holding your device as the keyboard has a holder for it. This gadget can be a life saver, adapting your phone into a fast workstation.



  1. Padlock

A must-have accessory for all travelers, a padlock will keep your belongings safe anywhere. This Tumi set box comes with three different colors padlocks and it is recognized by TSA (Transportation Security Administration). The security will be able to open them without damage.

20. Sunglasses

More than an accessory, sunglasses are mandatory to all travelers. You could be on the beach in Spain obe visiting an attraction in Germany, there is a high possibility you will need to wear a sunglass. When choosing your brand make sure it has 100% UVA/UVB protection with an excellent lens. These sunglasses by Gucci are a good option as they include all safety requirements in a stylish way. You will be protected in the most fashionable way. How could our 20 Luxury Travel Accessories for Men list be complete with one of the most stylish pairs of sunglasses available on here?

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