10 Things To Do In Los Angeles

Even as a part of a highly-visited country, California is a destination itself as the state offers a huge amount of activities and places desired by most travelers worldwide. Southern California, often called SoCal, is no different, and is a home of sunny beaches, great food and American culture being one of the most famous places visited in the USA. SoCal is also where the second biggest city by population in the country is located, losing only to New York, and here we are talking about the city of angels, or better known as Los Angeles and with so many attractions to choose from, here we look at 10 things to do in Los Angeles.

The city is a melting pot of cultures and full of attractions for any kind of travelers, appreciated by beach lovers, foodies, families or solo travelers. There is a Los Angeles for any person. In this list, we have selected 10 things to do in Los Angeles, but it could be multiplied. The city of angels has so much to offer that you would be surprised and that is why we helped you by separating the best attractions to enjoy while in there. As a big city, it is highly recommended to plan your visit ahead and, especially, buying the tickets for attraction in advance as it will save you time to enjoy it stress-free. Another tip here is to keep a metro map in hand while planning your trip to LA, and we saved you some time by leaving it available by just clicking here.

Now it is time to go through the 10 things to do in Los Angeles and start planning your trip with our help. Don’t forget to book your flight and hotel using our website to get the best deals available. While in Los Angeles remember to tag your pictures with the #flyustolosangeles as we would love to see you having fun. Enjoy the list and start planning your next trip to this incredible city.

Enjoy sunny beaches


LA is the land of beautiful gold sand beaches very popular for surfers and families. In its options, Venice Beach, Santa Monica and Malibu are the favourites among travelers. Mostly because of the pleasure of enjoying a day at the beach, but also for its equally famous way of living. The atmosphere in those locations is something to experience while in the city of angels. Venice, as per example, is an ideal destination for people watch with its mix of people wandering at Ocean Front Walk, which goes from Venice Pier to Rose Ave, and the beach itself, especially in the south of Venice Pier, is excellent for swimming.

Santa Monica is a 2 miles long beach and home of Santa Monica Pier, an attraction itself with the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium and the Pacific Park where you can enjoy while still appreciating a simple day in the beach. If you are a beginner in surf, this can be a good spot for you. Venice and Santa Monica are approximately 1.5 miles apart using the South Bay Bicycle Trail, and it is common for travelers to ride a bike and checking both of them.  If you like trendy beaches, add to your list Hermosa Beach, a whole day beach party style, and Manhattan Beach, where the surfing activity reigns. Yet if you are really into the combination of surf and glamour, Malibu is for you. Located almost 34 miles from downtown LA, that is the place we have seen in the 80’s series and which has become an epic outside LA destination. You can’t come to LA without a visit to the beach which is why we have this first on our list of 10 things to do in Los Angeles.


Discover Downtown LA


In Downtown, the Grand Ave’s Cultural Corridor offers a variety of cultural attractions ready to be discovered, if not for the art itself, which would be sad not to be, for its buildings. The Broad, a contemporary art museum in the heart of downtown, is steps away from the beautiful Walt Disney Concert Hall, home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Heading North on Grand Avenue, it is possible to catch an opera at LA Opera or chill during an afternoon at Grand Park LA, where on the other side of the park Los Angeles City Hall seats awe-inspiring. Now, if you love food and local markets walk just a half mile west and you will be at Grand Central Market (317 S Broadway) where the best food selection waits for your visit. Definitely, a place to be if you are a foodie.

Downtown Los Angeles keeps presenting surprises, as for example, it is possible to tour of the Los Angeles Times, one of the biggest newspapers in the United States, whilst a reservation is required, it is a great opportunity to discover its building dating from 1935. For information about the tour, check here. If you want to go deeper in LA history, Downtown LA Walking tours offer themed tours to discover the best of the city. Not far from downtown, north of Los Angeles City Hall, get an experience of LA melting pot culture discovering the best of the historic district El Pueblo de LA, Little Tokyo and Chinatown. Downtown LA is just the top of the iceberg of LA culture but is sure to promote one of the best experiences while visiting the city.


Feel famous in Rodeo Drive


Rodeo Drive is the address for famous luxury design stores in Beverly Hills neighborhood. The two-mile-long street holds the fancy brands like Yves St Laurent, Chanel, Dior, and Bulgari, just to name a few. Even though it seems just a small area filled with shopping opportunities, Rodeo Drive goes beyond that offering also opportunities for travelers who likes architecture with its the European-style buildings.

If you are just going for browsing or decide shopping, take the opportunity to snap a picture at Beverly Hills sign and remember some movies set there, as the case of Clueless. People often pose in front of expensive cars and use the bathrooms just to get the feeling of what Beverly Hills is really about. Enjoy this opportunity to people watch and see what is trending directly from the place where trends start.



Go cultural at The Getty Center

Located on the west side of the city, the Getty Center has the combination of incredible architecture, arts, and garden at the same place. The museum itself offers a collection from medieval times to the present, additionally to the seasonal exhibitions while the outdoor area offers modern art throughout its green land.  Getty Center goes beyond when the subject is architecture as its modern building gets harmoniously with the garden, the research institute and the view from LA.

When it comes to food, the museum continues to go over the top as it offers a restaurant, two cafes being one in a terrace overlooking the garden and also two coffee carts inside the museum. Now we get to the best part as visiting everything is free, paying only parking fees. This one easily makes it onto our list of 10 things to do in Los Angeles. Expect spending at least a full morning or afternoon, if not a day in case you are an art lover. The center is basically accessed by car, but presenting the TAP card (subway ticket) it is possible to save 10% in one of its stores. Don’t forget to check the hours of operations before you go by clicking here.


Visit Hollywood Boulevard


A combination of beautiful architecture in an entertainment paradise, that is Hollywood Boulevard is all about. The Chinese Theater attracts for its Asian style building and also for being a movie spotlight, with the glamour of running into a famous figure and watching a movie in the largest IMAX auditorium. If you are a cinephile, will love to know that the Dolby Theater is the home of Oscar and it offers a tour in which is possible to see a real Oscar statuette. The tours occur seven days a week departing every half hour from 10:30 am to 4 pm. Once in there, don’t forget to look down and see the names at Hollywood Walk of Fame and also look up to catch a glimpse of the Hollywood sign.

Continuing in the cinematographic glamour life, visit Madame Tussauds Hollywood, even though this is a common and famous museum worldwide, Hollywood has this special sophisticated style. Write down this address: 7001 Hollywood Boulevard as it is the La la land souvenir store with all the products you love. Heading East and you will see Disney Studio Store, Ghirardelli Soda Fountain, and the Egyptian Theater Hollywood. This is a street to see and have the sensation of being famous as you will visit the most famous Hollywood places



See your favorite movies and series set

Famous for the cinematographic area, LA is also the home of the widely popular series we often catch ourselves making marathons to watch everything or waiting anxiously for the new adventures of our favorite characters. It is common to find a variety of tours on this subject, but here we focus in the two major ones: Warner Bros and Universal Studios.

Warner Bros Studios offers two kinds of tours: Studio Tour which lasts 3 hours showing outdoor sets and soundstages from series like Gilmore Girls and The Big Bang Theory, the tour also stops at Central Perk set, the famous coffee shop from Friends, just to give you a hint of its attractions. The deluxe tour, while more expensive, offers a 6 hours’ tour for those who wants to go deeper presenting a behind-the-scene experience with food included. Before you go, check their website for new exhibitions and get a glimpse of what you will see there.

When planning a visit to Universal Studios consider splitting it in two days as the number of attractions can be overwhelmed. The studio offers 3D experiences, studio tours, rides and new worlds you couldn’t expect would become true like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The CityWalk offers entertainment with 3 nightclubs, IMAX theaters and more than 30 places to eat and shop. This is the place where what you see on your TV become real, and you are a part of it. Enjoy! When considering 10 things to do in Los Angeles, who wouldn’t think about movies, and this is one of the best places to get your film fix.


Snap a picture at Hollywood sign


Most of the pictures we see on the internet have the big sign on it, making it seems easy to snap a pic and giving the sensation you can snap from anywhere but here are the places where you can get the best looks. Hollywood Boulevard is one of the spots most people snap a picture of it, but it is not so close as it appears. Mulholland Drive offers an overlook specifically for the sign, called Hollywood Bowl Overlook. Another attraction from this list also provides a god spot, the Griffith Observatory.

The sign is located at Griffith Park and the road that goes all the way up there is Mt Lee Drive, which is possible to reach by car or for the adventurous ones by hiking the Brush Canyon Trail. Considered moderate, the hike is 6.5 miles long round trip with an elevation gain of 1,100 feet. The trail begins in the parking lot of Bronson Canyon Griffith Park (3200 Canyon Drive). In any case, bring your camera and snap a picture in one of the most famous signs in the world.


Eat from a food truck


Definitely a town for foodies, LA incorporated and elevated the popular idea of a food truck and was there where the combination of two trend topics united: food truck and social media.  Back in 2008, chef Roy Choi used Twitter to show its customer where his Kogi BBQ truck was located. It became viral, and every food truck saw the opportunity to transform its business to a trendy, hot and yet affordable place to have a meal.

And LA treats these as a real big deal, as you will be able to see some food trucks have their business open for more than 10 years like the case of Marisco Jalisco, a fusion of Mexican and seafood cuisine. If you are really into tacos, Los Angeles is one of the best places to try them while in the USA, add to your list Guerilla Taco and Ricky’s Fish Tacos. If you are in the mood for something different, the already known Kogi BBQ is a sure shot as the combination of Korean flavors into the tacos culture. We could continue this topic for so long as food trucks in LA can be considered uncountable, but we leave the last tip for you to download the Roaming Hunger Food Trucks app and discover where are the best food trucks in the city.



Be a kid again at Disneyland

A visit to Disneyland should be prepared way ahead in order to make the most of your time, partly because the attractions are many and partly because you do have two theme parks to visit. Disneyland Park is an original Walt Disney’s theme and Disney California Adventure Park is where Pixar and Disney united to elevate your visit, in this case, it is possible to see characters from both companies come to life. In both, the attractions are something to be remembered forever as you will be able to play games with Toy Story characters and also journey with Indiana Jones, as for example.

Among all the attractions, dining will also be an experience as it is possible to have dinner with your favorite character or even tasting different cuisines from around the world. If you want to go deeper into Disney culture, staying at Disney Resort can be an option to be considered. Just remember that due to its popularity among travelers the parks are often full, but we have separated some tips so you can enjoy as much as possible: arrive preferably before 11 am, buy tickets in advance by clicking here and consider paying a little bit more for fast-pass as it will help you to don’t be so long in line as you will be able to pass it faster, like the name say. A visit to Disneyland brings back all the kid sensation inside you and will you remember you can have fun again.



Griffith Observatory


The great thing about an observatory like Griffith is the idea of having two in one attraction, where you will be able to view LA from above and also looking up to see a natural attraction. In the observatory, the planetarium is the main attraction but it is possible to use the high-quality telescopes to broaden your sky knowledge and be amazed by what it can show you. This is an excellent attraction for the family as the activities engage all ages.

In its four available floors, you will discover how space works while seeing it on your own. The observatory holds special events for those who wants to go deeper into this subject. Now the best part: Griffith Observatory is free, accept a parking fee is applied or if you prefer to use the bus, there is a service from Vermont/Sunset Metro Red Line Station at a low cost.  Keep in mind the place gets busy and planning your visit ahead is advised. Definitely a totally different thing to do while visiting LA and you cannot miss it.



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