10 Things To Do In Cote D’Azur

Mediterranean coastline of France is often pictured as a paradise in magazines and websites. Also known as French Riviera, Côte D’Azur is the bluest coast in the country and a luxurious spot for your next trip. Travelers usually are confused by Provence and Côte D’Azur, but the truth is one could not exist without another as they are located in South France. In this article, we will focus on things to do in Cote D’Azur region, which runs from the city of Toulon (including east of Marseille) to Menton in a shoreline full of attractions.

We have selected 10 things to do in Cote D’Azur, highlighting the finest of this blue paradise where history meets nature. After reading this list, start planning your trip at www.flyusanywhere.com as we will find you the best deals for your next holiday. Those places will take your breath away and chances are high you will book your trip in the next 10 minutes, so be prepared and enjoy the best of Cote D’Azur.


1 – Spend a day in Marseille

Despite the fact of Côte D’Azur being a region featuring the Mediterranean waters, enjoying a day in Marseille is about to discover the historic sites of the capital of Provence. The city is full of landmarks with seaside atmosphere and you will be able to enjoy both.

Start by checking the Notre Dame de la Garde church, as it is located on the top of a hill it is from there where you have an overview from the city. Due to its location, make sure to be prepared for a long walk up or, a good option here is to take a bus, which will save you some time. Culture

Culture are also present in the Musée des Civilisations de l’Europe et de la Medi and Musée des Beaux Arts, but in case you want to visit Château d’Iff you need to take a boat in Vieux Port (Old Harbour), which, by the way, is a good place to take pictures and eat seafood. If you are hungry, try bouillabaisse, a traditional fish stew from this part of France. Don’t leave Marseille without walking around La Panier neighborhood, more than a charming area it is the oldest part of the city where Greeks settled in 600 B.C. A day in Marseille is a day well spent during your next trip to Côte D’Azur.

A day in Marseille is a day well spent during your next trip to Côte D’Azur.



2 – Walk around Vieux Nice

Old Town Nice, or Vieux Nice for French speakers, is a place like no other. While travelling for the blue waters from the Mediterranean Sea, wandering around Vieux Nice will be a surprise for your beach holiday. History says this area keeps the same shape since the 1700s, being transformed into a cosmopolitan area without losing its heritage. During a visit to Vieux

During a visit to Vieux Nice you will probably see the best trio from Côte D’Azur attractions: sea, historic buildings and Provençal style. If travelling during summer, spend some time in a food market, available in the area all mornings, except Mondays, and additional ones can be found popping up around the city.

When in there make sure to stop at Cathédrale Ste-Réparate to look at its baroque architecture and visit Palais Lascaris, a mansion from 17th century. The idea while visiting the area in Nice is just walk around, allowing yourself time to discover small details and special places that will be forever in your memory.



3 – Get a tan in St Tropez

It’s beach time in St Tropez! Worldwide famous for a glamorous beach style, St Tropez is a place to be if you want to enjoy some time on the sand or on the water. Pampelonne beach is the one which brought St Tropez to the holophotes, full of tourists during summer, this is a place to people watch and also be seen.

If travelling with little ones, you will be glad to know that Nikki Beach has playground in the Les Jumeraux beach club. If you want to run from so much buzz, La Glaye is for you. This tiny beach is ideal for those looking for a time with only the sea. Adventurous travelers will like to know the Plage des Graniers is enfolded in hills, where a little hike can be combined with a day at the beach.

Clubs are spread throughout the beaches and are a great structure to enjoy trending restaurants and bars where you can stay a full day being well treated.



4 – Go hiking in Cassis

Calanques are deep narrow limestones with water running among them, famous in the Mediterranean area they shape beautiful beaches. The Parc National Des Calanques is part of Marseille, but it is in Cassis, 30 kilometers from Marseille, where famous calanques are easily accessible by car, boat or in a more adventure way, hiking or kayaking.

Here we will incentive the adventurous to go in the hard way, by hiking the beautiful calanques and be rewarded with a beach by the end of your endurance. The three most famous calanques are Port Miou, Port Pin and d’En-Vau, and it is worth to discover all of them by foot.

Allow yourself at least two hours to get in the last one passing by the first two and, before going down stop to enjoy the breathtaking view from the top of the mountain. Prepare in advance to walk to this little hidden paradise, by making sure to have plenty of food and water, as the closest vendor will be in Port Miou.



5 – Visit Cannes

You are right, this is the city in Côte D’Azur that since 1946 holds annually the Cannes Film Festival. The festival is widely known for celebrating movies and awarding the best ones during the month of May, so if visiting during that time chances are high you will find celebrities walking around the city.

Actually, this is the most important thing about Cannes, but even travelling in different months it is still possible to discover what this town has to offer. A stop in La Croisette, a bay overlooking the city, is a must do in order to get the feeling of Cannes.

Le Suquet area brings back the history of a fishermen place and Fort Royal is a must thing to visit since it was here where the unknown Man In The Iron Mask was kept prisoner in the 1600s. If you like movies, it is worth a visit to the Palais des Festivals, the tours take 1h30 in which many steps later you will be able to see where the film festival is held.



6 – Go abroad in Monaco

During your visit to Côte D’Azur it is possible to travel abroad. Even though it sounds weird, it is true. Located between Menton and Nice, Monaco is a principality with 200 hectares, being the second smallest country in the world.

Known basically for a luxurious lifestyle and for being home of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, held annually in May, the country also offers plenty of attractions for free. This is case of changing of the guard in front of Place du Price, Saint Nicholas cathedral and the Larvotto beach, just to name a few.

We could incorporate a visit to Monte Carlo casino, but it is only free if you can test yourself to not play. Attractions continue with two spots totally different, a classic Oceanographic Museum of Monaco and the different Sainte-Dévote chapel, the unique component of it is the location in the Valley of the Gaumates, definitely a place you would not expect finding in Monaco.

After a visit in the country you will notice Monaco is much more than you expected.



7 – Stop at Bormes les Mimosas

Between Saint-Tropez and Toulon, a small village should be in your list of places to visit in Côte D’Azur. Bormes les Mimosas is where you will mostly feel in France and all because of its charming.

This is a village to get lost in between the Provençal architecture style while still overlooking the traditional blue waters from Côte D’Azur. Prepare your cameras and recharge its batteries as every turn you end up with a scene that will make you want to move to this part of the world.

This is also a good place to browse around looking for Provençal produces, including honey from the village. Add to your stop a visit to the national historic site of Fort de Brégançon, which was the official residence of the President of the Republic in 1968.

Our number seven in the 10 things to do in Côte D’Azur list is a place to take slow, wandering around its streets allowing yourself to be surprised by each corner of this enchanted little village.



8 – But first, Menton

Menton is the first city from Côte D’Azur after Italy’s border and just a detail will show why you should go there, this is a picture perfect medieval destination. Founded by pirates, further had the presence of Queen Victoria in 1882 and also Russian expat community were common around its land.

History left its heritage through constructions like the Old Château Cemetery, Saint Michel Basilica and the Musée de Préhistoire Régionale, but if you are a fan of art you should include a stop at Jean Cocteau Museum, the French writer spent a lot of time in Menton and it is fair to have a place to celebrate his work.

In case you don’t want to miss a day away from the beach, include a stop at Plage des Sablettes, where you can overlook Italy. It is also in Menton that one of the best restaurants in the world is located, Mirazur is an additional place to have a meal if you want to elevate your stay in Côte de D’Azur.



9 – Be surprised by Éze

Despite the beautiful widely known cities in Côte D’Azur, it is in the villages where you will discover another side of this classic French destination. Both villages in our 10 things to do in Côte D’Azur have one thing in common: they are medieval classic places.

Take a time to contemplate the view from Jardin Exótique d’Éze as it will give a panorama of sea, rooftops and plants, a perfect combination to snap a picture or just seat thinking about life. This is another option to spend a relaxing day just appreciating the beauty of this incredible spot.

Be prepared for a full Éze during summer, so if you want to enjoy less crowded is best to arrive early or stay overnight, allowing yourself some time to engage in the scenery. You will another person after leaving this little village in South France.



10 – Stay in a high-level hotel

Luxury combines with Côte D’Azur. While the destination gives the naturally awe-inspiring landscapes, hotels provide the fancy combination this area deserves. Let’s say that staying in a high-level hotel will make your trip even more special.

In case you decide to stay in St Tropez, Pan Dei Palais can your option. As the name says, it resembles a palace not only because of its architecture but also by the way you will be treated. If Nice is your choice, consider spending your nights at the boutique Hotel La Perouse, where luxury and great views are best friends.

If you want to make your hotel a highlight of your trip, Royal Riviera will make your life difficult to leave the hotel as its structure can make you feel at home in the French Riviera. If you don’t believe us, it is goof to know that Trip Advisors travelers consider this as one of the best in the area.


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