10 Best Travel Documentaries To Watch In 2018

Sometimes, nothing beats a good travel documentary and with that in mind, here we’ve prepared a list of the 10 best travel documentaries to watch in 2018.

It is a sad, but true: we are not travelling all the time. Actually, most of our time is spent during our daily routines, basically working or relaxing. But a solution can be found while at home as it is possible to travel without leaving your couch, just one click away. Even though it doesn’t provide the same experience as being in the real places, some videos will transport your mind bringing back the wanderlust effect. You will start watching it and suddenly have the urge to go book a flight and reserve a room somewhere.

We are here to give a little push with our list with 10 best travel documentaries to watch in 2017 in which we have selected destinations from all over the world. In this list you will find adventure, food and culture aimed for all kind of travelers who want to discover a new world and all the surprises it brings you. Prepare the popcorn and enjoy our list!


1. Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South (2015)

A documentary for adventure lovers, Antarctic Edge: 70 Degrees South follows scientists studying the phenomenon called winter-warming, in other words the process of ice melting in Antarctica, more specifically in the West Artic Peninsula.

In this documentary, the professional company Rutgers Film Bureau records expeditions of Long Term Ecological Research (LTER) team showcasing their activities studying the climate change and its impact on local wildlife.

The result is a dramatic realistic film in a harsh environment, where you can see people who are trying to make a difference in the world bringing awareness to a problem that can affect directly the place we live, in the already feeling effect of global warming.

Just to give you a hint, in this area temperatures have increased 11 degrees Fahrenheits during 11 years. If you are a natural explorer will be surprised by the situations researchers have been through as ice melting in Antarctic is intense, so scenes such as ice breaking or sea full of ice surrounding the boat are usual. Forget anything you’ve seen about boring environmental documentary as this option can be compared to an action movie. In case you are curious, check the trailer below:

Where: Antarctic

2. Jumbo Wild (2015)

Since 1991 the community of Central Purcell Mountains have been fighting against the change a year-round ski resort would bring in the Jumbo Mountains. Located between Vancouver and Calgary, in Canada, Jumbo Valley stays in Columbia Mountains in the Purcell Range, being a sacred place for Ktunaxa Nation and home of grizzly bear.

The proposed resort would occupy 6,000 hectares in Jumbo Valley with lift access to four glaciers, people have been fighting for the corporatization this place would bring to a wild place, as per example, controlling public access to its areas.

Even though community have been opposed to the project for decades, it was in 2015 the project was in the spotlight. Patagonia brand, widely known for its clothes and environmental engagement, selected the Jumbo Wild campaign as the environmental spotlight for the year. The company improved the local campaign by taking actions and spreading the idea, it was then when Jumbo Wild documentary was filmed.

In this 52 minutes documentary, an informative movie shows the story behind the fight to keep Jumbo Valley wild. After watching it, in case you want to help the cause, access their website here.

Where: Canada


3. Unbranded (2015)

Number 3 on our list of 10 Best Travel Documentaries To Watch In 2017 is a great watch called Unbranded. Four men travel 3.000 miles through American West with sixteen mustang horses, their target was to ride from Mexican to Canadian border. It took them four months to arrive at Glacier National Park, in the northern border.

Certainly, during the documentary, you will watch the reality of a trip among friends, all the good things and what doesn’t go well. It is about friendship among humans, but also with the animals, and that is one of the reasons you should watch this documentary.

The four Texans friends decided to bring awareness to an issue the government has. According to the Bureau of Land Management, only a part of mustang horses can be handled in their range, the overpopulation is being held on range facilities in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Nowadays, more than 50.000 mustangs are waiting to be adopted in government facilities in the USA. The documentary won Audience Award choice at Hot Docs and Mountainfilm festivals in 2015 and will show a new perspective about friendship.

Where: United States of America


4. The Ultimate Waterman (2015)

The documentary shows the nature and culture of New Zealand while following wave riders through the Ultimate Waterman international surf competition in 2015, the first year of the event. During 48 minutes, you will chase how was the event between 8 wave rivers competing in five different disciplines in 8 days.

For surf lovers, this documentary is a combination of the adrenaline in New Zealand environment. It will be hard to not visit the country after watching this, locations such as Otago Peninsula, Raglan and Coromandel are features in the documentary.

The eight competitors are widely known in the surf family being from different surf paradises around the world: Daniel Kereopa (New Zealand), Kai Lenny (Hawai), Conor Braxter (Hawai), Kala Alexander (Hawai), Georges Cronsteadt (Tahiti), Manoa Drollet (French Polynesia) and Mark Visser (Australia).

In the video is possible to see the respect those athletes have for each other when a weather phenomenon occurs. A cool way to spend some time on your couch and well worthy of a place on our list of 10 Best Travel Documentaries To Watch In 2017.

Where: New Zealand


5. Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (2013)

Hosted by one of the most famous food hunters, Anthony Bourdain, this documentary series gives a journalistic approach showing destinations around the globe.

Since 2013 on air, the ninth season was on in 2017, and the show has won four Emmys for Outstanding Informational Series and one Critic’s Choice TV Award in 2016 for best reality show host.

Even though food is important, this series go deeper in culture and important events happening in the time of the visit. In the last season, an episode brought Bourdain to Antarctica but in the past, he has visited places like Paraguay and Borneo, among more popular destinations as Los Angeles and London.

Each episode will transport your mind to those places for approximately 45 minutes, making your desire to see the cities and countries with your own eyes. After watching the episodes, visit the website with exclusive content from the show at explorepartsuknown.com as it will give you a help you plan your next trip.

Where: Worldwide


6. Chef’s Table (2015)

Forget anything you know about good food, once you watch Chef’s Table you will discover a whole new world of fine cuisine. It’s a work of art what those chefs do.

In this documentary series, you will discover what best chefs on the world are cooking and will be able to observe how they are doing it and, trust us, it is special.

The show has completed three seasons showing six worldwide chefs each and one season with four French chefs only, being featured in Netflix they are available for any company’s customer.

When watching the episodes, you will be transported for a different world in high level quality, like Grand Achatz in Chicago – USA, Magnus Nilsson in Sweden and Jeong Kwan in South Korea, just to name a few. Don’t lose the opportunity to see this show as you will find new reasons to travel to some places around the world, it is almost certain you will catch yourself looking for your next destination based on the episode you watch and of course trying to book a table in any of the restaurants.

If that is your case, make sure to book in advance as the chefs are so famous and reservations are made months ahead.

Where: Italy, USA, Argentina, Australia, Sweden, Brazil, Mexico, Slovenia, Thailand, South Korea, Russia, Japan, Germany, Peru and France.


7. Salam Neighbor (2016)

Some trips touch us, not only by its destination but by its people. This is the case of Salam Neighbor documentary which showcases the life in a refugee camp. The American filmmakers Zach Ingrasci and Chris Temple share their experience living a month in the Jordan’s Za’atari refugee camp along with 85,000 Syrians.

Then they follow the experience of five Syrian refugees: a nurse, a grandmother, a 10-year old boy, a relief worker and a father. Those stories are full of emotion as people struggling to live a better life, fighting hard to live in a complicated moment.

It is impossible not be touched by this documentary. This kind of travel is increasing and it is more common seeing volunteers advocating for cause, taking trips to social destination when more than just a place you travel to see people.

The documentary is available on Netflix and Vimeo on demand, after watching it check out the website for more information about the project. http://livingonone.org/salamneighbor/

Where: Jordan


8. Sanrachna (2015)

India is a unique country. From ancient temples to colorful food the country is a place often listed in bucket lists from travelers who want to discover this intriguing place. If you are that person, here is a documentary series for you.

The architectural of India is explored showing ancient techniques that have shaped and are still intact in sacred temples.

The first episode, per example, explores the Hawa Mahal palace architecture in Rajastan and the technique used for heating control inside the building. The documentary is presented in hindi by Vaibhavi Upadhyaya and the first season has 13 episodes with 21 minutes each.

During the season discover the mystery behind those constructions and keep a notebook nearby to write down the places as you will be fascinated by the temples and city where they are located.

India will surprise you making the country jump as your next destination abroad.

Where: India


9. Wild Australia (2016)

In this documentary series presented by Ray Mears you will discover the different environments in Australia. Nature is the big theme in the episodes, while Ray travels throughout Australia he meets with wild animal’s experts to explore more about its habits.

The season has six episodes and will visit environments as reefs, wetlands, bushes, rainforests, coasts and deserts in approximately 20 minutes each. If you are an explorer, this is the series for you. Australia is known for its nature and stunning landscapes and, watching this documentary is a step closer into wilderness.

Here is a good option to watch with family and develop curiosity in children about being outdoors. After watching it you just have one thing to do: find your best deal with us.

Where: Australia


10. The Kindness Diaries (2015)

Imagine travelling around the world relying only in stranger’s kindness, would that be easy for you? For the global adventurer Leon Logothetis it was.

He decided to leave his life in London to explore the world based on what is the most surprising element: its people. In order to achieve it, Leon had to have an open mind to what life would bring him and this has shown to be surprisingly good.

After his trip, he launched 13 episodes showing his experience and, the beautiful touch is on how they are named: each one of them are named as gift, as per example, “The gift of education” is the 8th episode. It gives a hint on how much Leon was won during the trip.

He also wrote a book about the journey, “The Kindness Diaries: one man’s quest to ignite goodwill and transform lives around the world” is available at Amazon.co.uk. If you want to discover more about his adventures and what he learned on the road, checkout his website http://www.leonlogothetis.com/

Where: Around the globe

+ 2 Extra Documentaries Of A Lifetime

Endless Summer (1966) – A classic documentary records two surfers, Mike Hynson and Robert August, around the world. Imagine how it was to travel filming the experience 50 years ago. It is true, this adventure has inspired a lot of filmmakers on doing the same and surfers to discover places like Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa.

180o South (2010) – This documentary replicates the road trip taken by Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tompkins from Mexico to Patagonia in 1968, but in this remake, they travelled by boat. If the names don’t ring a bell, here you will understand why this is a documentary to watch: they are founders of the sports brand Patagonia and The North Face, respectively.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of  10 Best Travel Documentaries To Watch In 2018 and that it has inspired you to travel. Don’t forget, you can book all your flights and hotels here at flyusanywhere.com

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