10 Best Things To Do In Sydney, Australia

Sydney is often confused as Australia’s capital city, part of this understanding is due to the fact that Sydney is the largest city in the country. But let’s make it clear that the capital city of Australia is Canberra. But this aside, Sydney is the most diverse city in the country and its attractions are widely known placing it as one of the top cities travelers have on their bucket list. Here we’ve come up with the 10 of best things to do in Sydney.

One of the reasons for this is because of its beach atmosphere and the sensation of endless summer, as the country has the fame of a warm weather year-round.
It is true the beaches located in Sydney are breathtaking, but it is also true the city has much more to offer. We have listed 10 things to do in Sydney and yet they are just the beginning. Start planning your trip with us, booking your flight and also using the tips below, you are sure to have a good time in there.

While in your destination, snap a picture a share in your favorite social media with the tag #flyustosydney, we would love to see you having fun in this amazing city. So, grab a pen, a paper and let’s start going to the best things to do in Sydney now.

1 – Harbour Bridge Walk

A postcard from Sydney is easily accessed by foot and provides a view from the widely-known Sydney Opera House. The bridge is accessible from The Rock District or you can start at Milson Point, sydney harbour bridge walkeither way, you will take a peek at the famous opera house contrasting with its surrounding blue waters, it is always a scenic view.

Additionally, this is completely free and walk friendly as it only takes 15 minutes to cross the flat path. If you are a more adventurous traveler, at an extra cost it is possible to climb the bridge and see Sydney from a more radical perspective.

While walking the bridge observe the construction itself as it is considered the tallest steel arch in the world and also plays an important link to Sydney’s transportation. It is a vivid Sydney’s attraction and you will sure be surprised by its breathtaking views and definately one of the 10 best things to do in Sydney.


2 – Surfing at Curl Curl

It is impossible to think about Sydney without mentioning surfing, the city is a beach paradise for the activity and a dream for worldwide surfers.

Northern Sydney is the home of one of the best surf beaches in Sydney, Curl Curl beach offers average 1.6-meter waves and is one of the main destination for surfers. The beach is 1.2 kilometers long and divided by North and South areas, North Curl Curl has a lagoon ideal for families with kids and the South part offers an ocean swimming pool. When swimming in the sea, it is mandatory to do it between flags area for your own safety. You can stay all day long

When swimming in the sea, it is mandatory to do it between flags area for your own safety. You can stay all day long on the beach as it provides an excellent infrastructure with public toilets, showers, cafes and the South area also has picnic tables.


3 – Skywalk at Sydney Tower Eye

Have a 360 degree Sydney view in this adventurous experience. The Skywalk is an open-air attraction at Sydney Tower Eye where visitors can see the best of Sydney from an external platform area 268 meters above the ground.

This is a family friendly adventure ideal for kids from 8 years old or older, and you can choose among three packages: Skywalk, VIP and Private.

If you are less adventurous, the Tower Eye experience is ideal for you as it offers access to an internal observation deck. In either option, you will sure have an unforgettable view over the city. An extra tip for you is to book the tickets online in advance, you can save more than 10% in some options. Check the deals here.

4 – Swim In A Rock Pool

A rock pool or sometimes called an ocean pool is basically a pool built into the ocean using sea water, an incredibly cool idea and Sydney apparently have a thing for it as the city is home to some 40 pools like that. Cool, right?

Imagine you swimming in a pool overlooking Sydney’s beautiful beaches and while in there it is possible to get a splash of ocean’s wave.

Considered the most popular pools Bondi Iceberg Club in Bondi Beach and Wylies Baths, in Coogee beach are a great option to go. Both charge a small fee for the pool use and the infrastructure provided. Prices for adults are $6.50 and $ 5, respectively.

The pools are a place for family, as children are mostly welcomed. Being part of Australia’s history, some dated from the 19th century, it is a truly Aussie attraction and should be considered on your list of best things to do in Sydney.


5 – Visit Sydney Fish Market

A visit in the third largest seafood market in variety in the world is a must do for all food lovers. Sydney Fish Market is a big deal for the food industry, trading 13,500 tons of seafood annually and is the home of seafood specialized retailers, also offering restaurants options for its visitors.

If you like to go deep into the market, it is possible to book a behind the scenes tour to discover the history of the market and also how the auction works.

Be prepared to wake up early as the tours start at 6:40am and are only offered on weekdays, but if you are a foodie will not regret it and it’s surely one of the best things to do in Sydney right now.

If you are feeling more hands on, the Sydney Seafood School offers cooking classes specialized, of course, in seafood. Check out the information here and book your tour or class in advance as spots filled up quickly.


6 – Wildlife at Taronga Zoo

Australia is also famous for its wildlife and finding native Aussie animals will not be difficult in Sydney, the Taronga Zoo is home to some of these species like the koala, lemur and komodo dragon.

When thinking negatively about visiting a zoo, in the case of Taronga Zoo you don’t need to worry about this issue as the zoo is administrated by Taronga Conservation Society Australia, a non-profit organization aimed to support wildlife conservation. A visit to zoo starts before you arrive at its destination, as it is possible to take a ferry

A visit to zoo starts before you arrive at its destination, as it is possible to take a ferry from Circular Quay to Taronga Zoo and get to contemplate the beautiful harbour.

Once in there the place offers a diversified number of activities, like animal encounters and shows, click here to check what you will be able to experience there.

Two additional tips are advised: download the app and buy tickets online in order to save 20% are strongly recommended to improve your visit. For additional information click here.


7 – Get A Tan On The Famous Bondi Beach

If you do some quick research on what to do in Sydney, Bondi Beach will come up as one of the most famous beaches in the city. The one kilometer sand extension is an area where every tourist is welcome.

Surfers are going to love the water, swimmers can enjoy the ocean pool and families also have their space in the sand.

A beautiful place Bondi Beach also promotes a lot of events like the City to Surf running race, Festival of the Winds for kite lovers and in the winter, it is possible to skate in the ice rink during the Bondi Winter Magic Festival.

Sydney has more than 70 beaches and Bondi Beach is one of the most visited. It is not surprising as the place is beautiful and every tourist deserves some time there, even if only to snap a picture in its famous shoreline.


8 – Attend An Event At The Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House is a postcard from Sydney, being widely spread as a mark of the city’s landscape and almost goes without saying, one of the best things to do in Sydney.

More than just a beautiful construction, the place holds artistic events such as ballets, orchestras and of course, opera.

Check the schedule and book your show here. It is also possible to book a tour of the opera house itself to discover the history behind the building.

The Sydney Opera House goes above and beyond, offering a great restaurant experience at Bennelong, known for its Australian cuisine and considered the best restaurant in 2015 by Good Food Guide. The design is also something else, resembling a cathedral.


9 – Adventure In A Jet Boat

This is an adventure in the heart of Sydney. Get a jet boat experience in the Harbour while enjoying Sydney’s landscapes.

Keep in mind this is an extreme attraction as it promises spins, break stops and fast sweeping at 75km/h, a fun and wet thing to do in the city.

Most companies offer considerable discounts especially when booking online, stay tuned and you can save some money to have fun. Jet boat rides leave at Circular Quay, a small walk from the identically named train station. You get quite a few companies offering different packages.

So, buckle up and be prepared to live an extreme adventure. If you’re here looking for the best things to do in Sydney, this is one thing you can’t miss.


10 – Hike at Royal National Park

Located in South Sydney, the Royal National Park is approximately 37 kilometers from the city. Campgrounds are available and a variety of activities are waiting for visitors.

10 best things to do in sydney, royal national park

It is possible to cycle, walk, have a picnic or even contemplate the beauty of Australia’s landscapes.

One of the most beautiful viewpoints is the Wedding Cake Rock, a fragile rock formation completely white that will make your jaw drop.

The location of the view is 1 hour from Bundeena point on a medium intensity walk as it is often steep and rocky. When leaving it is possible to return from the same trail or go to Marley Beach. For adventurous travelers, the Coast Track is a multi-day trekking full of attractions just keep in mind you must be really prepared for this adventure.

For adventurous travelers, the Coast Track is a multi-day trekking full of attractions just keep in mind you must be really prepared for this adventure.


Admittedly this is only a small selection of many awesome things you can do in this great city but we hope this list of 10 of some of the best things to do in Sydney will whet your appetite. Don’t forget, you will get the best deals on flights and hotels here at flyusanywhere.com

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