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10 Best Sunglasses For Men

Sunglasses are an essential accessory during a trip, wherever you go you will need the protection it gives you to enjoy it in a more comfortable way.

Our list of 10 best sunglasses for men is full of options for different travellers, from city travellers to adventurous explorers, a pair of sunglasses is available for you. Some people like to have more than one option on hand to make an outfit, but some have a preference to keep the same one around, either way, we’ve got you covered.

The main question here is: what to look for in a sunglass? First of all, make sure to check all details, especially size and lenses information. You also need to understand your face shape and see which style goes better with it.

Before you start reading our selection, you will notice there are some technical information that will make all difference if you understand them beforehand, as the case of polarized versus non-polarized lenses.


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Basically, polarized lenses have a tendency to provide no glare, reducing visual discomfort. At the same time, you will notice that technology has improved throughout the years and new features are available to make the accessory perfect for you. Are you ready to find your next travel accessory?

Persol Typewriter Style

Let’s start our list of 10 best sunglasses for men with a classic Italian brand presenting a new release. The Calligraphy edition that the Typewriter style is part of, pays respect to the connection between the art of calligraphy and Italian craftsmanship, in which the company built its story.Persol Men's PO3110S Sunglasses

In 1917, Giuseppe Ratti started designing technically advanced glasses for pilots and sports drivers who needed comfort and protection. We can’t deny the high-quality Persol offers, and in this new edition, it is possible to find style, comfort and quality lens.

It is an ultra light sunglass, with acetate frame and polarized lens. The colours were picked to elevate your style with this retro design with a bluish lens. Not sure it will fit your face perfectly? It is good to know the lenses width are 49 millimetres and the bridge is 22 millimetres.

The Typewriter style can be used in any environment, from city walks to paradise beaches with comfort and lightness to make your travel even more pleasant.


Shwood Canby Wood Sunglasses

If you a city lover kind of traveler, Shwood Canby sunglasses will bring an extra style to your next trip. Not only a perfect design is presented by the brand, but also a concept using the finest natural materials.Shwood - Canby Wood, The Original Wood Sunglasses

Each glass is handcrafted to perfection in 65 steps, as noted using different kinds of materials in order to achieve a product that brings style and comfort to customers.

Shwood presents in this style a premium CR-39 lens, which offers durability and yet being lightweight. Its frame has 13-ply construction mix ultra-thin aluminium and hardwood for durability, which explains its weight. The lens measures 54 millimetres, 19 millimetres in the bridge and 150 millimetres in temples.

Available in three lens colours: grey, grey polarized and brown polarized, and they can be combined with five frame colours: dark forest, dark walnut, walnut, tortoise inlay and zebrawood.



Illesteva Leonard II Ring Sunglasses

Audacious travelers that take style as priority will be surprised by this Illesteva collection.

All Illesteva products are handmade in Italy and France, being designed in New York CityILLESTEVA Leonard II Ring Sunglasses, Leonard 2 Ring ,Unisex and its main propose is to bring a twist to classic sunglasses.

The result pays off as you can see in Leonard II style, which is also a high-quality product. Leonard II option has the classicism of New York Style, and it is available in black colour, elevating its classy tone.

Starting by having a UV 400 protection, meaning it blocks all wavelengths lights rays up to 400 nanometers, and also its frame is made with acetate, a hypoallergenic plastic. Just to make sure it fits you, check the measurements: 23 millimetres lens width, 23 millimetres for the bridge and 150 millimetres in temples.

The best thing about this sunglass is not only a sure shot for a quality product, but it is also a reliable option for those who wear sunglasses all day long. If you are that kind of person, choosing Leonard II will be a success on your next trip.



Under Armour Octane Wrap Sunglasses

We could not forget about sports guys, and Under Armour has a sunglass ideal to carry along your adventures. Under Armour offers ten styles with a variety of colours for frames and lenses, which go from $99.84 to $149.99. In between those options you will find non-polarized or polarized lenses, and as noted above different styles, but its undeniable quality is present in all products.Under Armour Ua Octane Wrap Sunglasses

Its lenses have a distortion-free vision and as consequence an enhanced your experience. The ArmourFusion frames have three points grip with rubber on temples and nose pad, providing a non-slip feature.

Last but not least, its sizes are: lens width are 63 millimetres, bridge is 18 millimetres and arms 126 millimetres. If you are an adventure lover, you will understand why these sunglasses deserve a spot in our 10 best sunglasses for men list.



Tom Ford Cole Sunglasses

This is an aviator style for those who like to stay in shape in a classic style, but going an extra mile with its charm.

Its gold metal frame and black temples are a classy combination for sharp men. The lenses are made with plastic which among its benefits is lightweight, providing better protection from flying Tom Ford Cole Sunglasses in Shiny Black Gradient Smokesparks and are considered a better break resistant.

In this style by Tom Ford, lenses are non-polarized and are 61 millimeters wide; the bridge is 13 millimetres and arms/temples are 135 millimetres.

In case you need to adapt your sunglasses for medical purposes, this is a good style to go for as it is already prescription friendly, making your life easier with a new pair of sunglasses. Another benefit about this aviator is that it is not extremely big and goes well in all environments.



Dolce & Gabbana Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses were a success when John Lennon used to wear them, a big hit during the Beatles time. Nowadays stylish travelers are also pulling them off in fashion showing the world you can be whoever you want to.Dolce & Gabbana Men's Acetate Man Sunglass

If you like this style, picking a Dolce & Gabbana product is a guarantee of a high-quality product in your hands. Its metal frame goes along with the plastic lens giving you the style you are looking for.

At the same time, it protects your eyes from UV rays as it has 100% UV protection coating and also a 3N filter, which is recommended for high intensity bright conditions.

Before you buy it, make sure to check the sizes: lenses are 41 millimetres wide, bridge is 25 millimetres and arms are 145 millimetres. In case you need to adapt to medical conditions, this product is also ready for it.



Gucci GG0001S Sunglasses

If you find it hard to decide on sunglasses as all seem boring to you, here is a colourful option by Gucci. In this style, the frame has three colours: blue in the front and, clear and red stripes in the arms.Gucci GG0001S Sunglasses 004 Blue/Red/Crystal / Silver Lens 52 mm one size

Additionally, the frame is made of cellulose acetate, titanium, and stainless steel. All those characteristics make the product hypo-allergenic and ultra-lightweight.

Its lens is prescription friendly, scratch resistant and anti-reflective, offering 100% UV protection.

In this option by Gucci, the measurements are: lens width 52 millimetres, the bridge is 21 millimetres and arms 145 millimetres. Even though there is no name for this style, you can create your own personality when wearing it on your next trip.



Ray-Ban Light Ray Sunglasses

The already known Ray-Ban brand offers this mirror sunglasses style for those who love products that are trending.

In this option by the brand, the famous Wayfarer front frame is elevated by the use of titanium material, making it extremely lightweight. Additionally, its mono-block hinges boost the stability, Ray-Ban Mens Light Ray Sunglasses (RB4210) Plasticwhich consequently makes you feel even more comfortable.

Its shape is square with a 50 millimetres lenses and 22 millimetres bridge, while its temple is 140 millimetres lengthwise. You can pick your style in four colours: brown, gunmetal, matte dark blue and matte Havana. Of these colours, only gunmetal has the mirror style, so if you want to go that extra level on your next trip, this is the style to go for.



Ray-Ban Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

This is a classic product ideal for those who don’t like to go wrong, it is simple yet has Ray-Ban quality guaranteed.

It is possible to find other frame and lenses colours, but going for black frame and crystal green lenses are a sure shot for a sunglass to wear everywhere.Ray-Ban RB4105 Folding Wayfarer Square Sunglasses

It doesn’t matter which clothes or environment you will be in when wearing this product, you will pull it off. The lenses are crystal, polarized, offer 100% UV400 protection, and are also prescription ready.

Ray-Ban goes an extra mile with this lens as it is designed to eliminate glare and their technology absorbs much of the reflective glare. Its measurements are: 50 millimetres lens width, 22 millimetres in the bridge and 150 millimetres for arms.



Oakley Men’s Flak 2.0 XL Sunglasses

Ideal to wear outdoor, this product by Oakley offers some details that will change the way you travel in the wild.

First, its 8.65 base lens curvature has a wider protection for your eyes and in this case sun, wind and impact will not influence your experience.

It also offers an XYZ Optics which maintain clarity in the whole lens, which means you can move around and you do not feel the difference during your exercise.

Unobtainium is a patented material by Oakley that offers a high-quality grip, including during perspiration periods, keeping the frames in place at all times. If you are intrigued by the XL size, here are the measurements: 12 millimetres bridge; arms are 133 millimetres and lens width are 59 millimetres.

Oakley is a reliable brand that deserves a spot in our 10 best men sunglasses list with a sunglass that shows all its quality and is ideal for our beloved travelers.

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