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10 Best Places to Camp in the US

Camping in the US is synonymous of discovering natural breathtaking environments. Here we check out the 10 best places to camp in the US. Parks are significant part of the tourism in the country, often featuring in advertisements as destinations to visit. Here we have selected a sample of those natural wonders and where to go camping while visiting them, a combination brought you this 10 best places to camp in the US list.

You will be able to see new names and traditional parks combined to offer you all kind of environment available, you won’t get only mountains, but deserts and beaches are here too. Get ready to discover this wonderful natural American world and don’t forget to tag us on your photos #flyustocampintheUS as we want to see you uncover those lands. You can also book all your flights here:


Crater Lake National Park, Oregon

First on the list of 10 best places to camp in the US is Crater Lake National Park. bCreated by a volcano eruption, this lake is 1,943 foot deep with clear water and considered the deepest lake in the United States. Surrounded by cliffs, it makes a special place to put on your American bucket list as a place to camp in the US. Rim Drive is the 33-mile road encircling the crater in which is possible to stop to go for a hiking.

There is plenty of all level trails in its route, as example, the Discovery Point is an easy 4 miles which show you what prospectors first saw when discovered the lake in 1853; the highest overlook accessible by car is Cloudcap Overlook with a view from Wizard Island and Mount Scott and, if you want to add a waterfall adventure to your family, hiking the easy Plaikni Falls Trails gives another perspective for travelers.

Crater Lake is open 24/7 but some facilities may be closed due weather conditions, check current status before you go. During the winter period, Rim Drive is closed for automobiles.

Camping: The park offers 2 campgrounds: Mazama Campground, available for tents, RVs and the only one that accepts reservations and, Lost Creek is a first-come first-served basis option offering tent campsites only.


Joshua Tree National Park, California

A combination of two deserts, Mojave and Colorado, is what makes this place special. Deserts are an attraction itself, its roughness provides landscapes hard to get away from your mind. In Joshua Tree rocks formation are the main attraction and you will be surprised how beautiful they are.

Twenty-seven trails from easy to challenging options for all ages are available in the park. If hiking with kids, Barker Dam Nature Trail can be a smart choice as it is possible to see the Wonderland of Rocks formation in a 1.3-mile loop hike.

In case you want something more challenging, Lost Palms Oasis is 7.2-mile long where you will see palm trees and open desert, keep in mind this is far away from the visitor’s center and planning ahead is advised.

Add to your list, the Skull Rock formation as it is one of the most famous rocks in the park. Stargazing is another must do while in this park only 2 hours away from Los Angeles.

Camping: Eight options are available (Black Rock, Indian Cove, Belle, Cottonwood, Hidden Valley, Jumbo Rocks, Ryan and White Tank), but if you have to choose one, try Joshua Rocks Campground just a short hike from Skull Rock and, here you actually camp nearby rocks formation.


Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska

Here is an experience for real adventurous travelers willing to discover a totally different state. Alaska is often featured as a nature destination and Glacier Bay National Park pays respect to this attribute. The adventure begins by getting in there, as the park has no access by car it is possible to arrive only by air taxi but during summer Alaska Airlines offers a daily early evening flight from Juneau to Gustavus, the closest city to the park.

Once there, get in a boat cruise to see the star: The Glacier Bay. Don’t forget to pack extra batteries for your camera, as this landscape will blow your mind. Most of the park area is water covered with surrounding mountains, so basically most activities include the water element as kayaking and rafting, per example, but hikers won’t be disappointed as trails are also available.

Glacier Bay Lodge and Tours is the official tourism company in the park and highly recommended to book a tour with them.

Keep in mind that picking Alaska as your next destination means sharing the habitat of wildlife during your trip, especially bears.

Camping: Barlett Cave Campground is a free primitive campground with bear-proof food storage and fire-pit with free firewood. Despite of being a wild camping, you will be able to sleep with whales sounds.


Bahia Honda State Park, Florida

This is the only state park in this list, but totally worth to visit if you are looking for beach fun and water activities. Located at Overseas Highway in Florida Keys, the park offers a place in the sun for travellers.

It is true water activities are a highlight during a visit there, but it is possible to bike 3,5 miles through Bahia Honda.

Swimming or tanning is available in their beaches either on Atlantic Ocean or Florida Bay side, you can pick whichever you like for the day. This is a place different from the other parks as its landscapes is closer to way you will find in the Caribbean. Ideal to explore if travelling with kids or in case you want to make a stop when travelling from Miami to Key West.

Camping in this park will provide the calmness of beach lifestyle to your night, can you imagine sleeping hearing the ocean? If this sounds like a vacation for you, spending a few days will make your visit to Florida even more pleasant.

Camping:  Sandspur Campground is the one to look for in case you like the description above, but make sure to make a reservation ahead as only 8 sites have the beach view. RVs longer than 14 feet are not allowed.


Yosemite National Park, California

You have probably heard or have seen a picture of Yosemite before, this is one of the top destinations in California providing the mountain experience just 200 miles from San Francisco. Yosemite has so much things to do that is almost impossible to check everything out just in one visit, it is a destination you definitely have to come back again, specially because each season provides a Yosemite National Park, California flyusanywheredifferent environment.

During winter time, an ice rink is available at Half Dome village. If visiting during Thanksgiving, hotels offer a special American dinner. Activities are also abundant with fishing, rafting, biking, rock climbing options, just to name a few. Trails are spread in its lands for all levels, including the difficult yet famous, Half Dome and El Capitan.

It is here where the classic Yosemite Falls, the highest waterfall in North America, is located and you can’t miss it. Plan your trip ahead is highly recommended as it is a famous destination among travelers, all information to enjoy the most of your time there is available here.

Camping: Even though Yosemite has 13 campgrounds, they tend to fill up really quickly. Following their tips on how to make a reservation is mandatory and available in their website. For an alternative, try


Glacier National Park, Montana

Three international designations can easily describe the grandiosity of Glacier National Park: international peace park, biosphere reserve and a world heritage site. Yet to be discovered by many Glacier National Park, Montana flyusanywhere campingtravelers, this is a gem that should be in your mind as next vacation. Glacier National Park is located in Montana, closer to Canada border than to any major US city, where mountains get a special shape and wilderness is intense.

Getting in there is closer if coming from Calgary than from Seattle, so here you can pick which road trip you want to take. The motto for Glacier could be: go big or go home as the attractions remind you how small we are compared to the nature. Going-to-the-sun road is the main attraction and just to get you the dimension, it is a 50 miles road. Logan Pass, the highest elevation in the park, is a must-do stop easily accessible by car.

Trails area fully available for all levels and lakes surrounded by mountains will show how different they can be. Are you ready to discover this place?

Camping: The park offers 13 campgrounds, but only four sites have some first-come first-served basis option: Fish Creek, St. Mary, Many Glacier and Apgar. For additional options, make sure to make a reservation ahead by visiting clicking here.


Arches National Park, Utah

Here is a park for all ages, as most trails of Arches National Park can be considered easy to moderate levels, specially if you have any experience hiking. The longest hiking and considered difficult is the Primitive Trail at Devils Garden, but the star of the park is Delicate Arch, 3-mile moderate hike with no shade.

During the hike, observe the colours and formations but be prepared to beArches National Park, Utah amazed at the end where this huge arch is in front of you and actually, you can walk under it to snap a picture.

Do as many hikes as possible to try seeing its 2,500+ arches spread throughout the land, the park offers easy access and parking facilities and in 2017 they are improving the pavement which will be even better for your next trip. On your next trip to Arches, add a stop at Canyonlands National Park as it is literally a front neighbour.

You will be able to compare the vastness of Canyonlands with the formations of Arches, a two in one destination.

Camping: Devil Garden Campground offers 51 sites only, so it is a must to book in advance. Tents, vehicles and RVs are welcome. The coolest thing about staying in the camping is being able to stargazing during nights. In case you are not lucky to get one spot, the city of Moab, only 5 miles away, offers additional campgrounds.


Hawaii Volcanos National Park, Hawaii

Have you ever seen an active volcano? Kilauea, located in the Island of Hawaii or as called Big Island, is the world’s most active volcano and you can visit it. Located only 45 minutes from the city Hawaii Volcanos National Park, Hawaiiof Hilo, this is the place to get deeper into Hawaii nature.

The park offers two drives with approximately 20 stops, day and background hikes including trail to Kilauea. The trail is 4-mile loop of moderate to challenging difficult which travellers usually take 2 to 3 hours to accomplish as you will walk on solidified soil, add to this time your contemplation period when seeing the volcano itself.

An easy but still worth visiting trail is the Ha’akulamanu (Sulphur Banks) with 1.2-mile round trip. If background hikes get your attention, plan ahead and have your registration ready before you and, of course, don’t forget to have your essential gear ready.

Here is an over the top experience feel travelers have done and in case you have the adventurous spirit, it is the place for you.

Camping: Two options are available for travelers, Nāmakanipaio and Kulanaokuaiki. It is highly recommended to stay at Nāmakanipaio as it is a more equipped option offering cabins, tent rentals and bring your own tent, reservations are made with Volcano House website. Kulanaokuaiki is a wild option with no water and fires are not permitted.


Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Grand Canyon doesn’t need introduction, it speaks for itself. Its grandiosity makes the park a destination to visit many times, as it is divided in three areas: South, North and West Rim. While the North is more remote, it is in the South Rim where all kind of travellers will find something to do.

Go for the West Rim if you don’t have time and is visiting as a day trip from Las Vegas, despiteGrand Canyon National Park, Arizona being just a quick trip you still can get a glimpse of this wonder.

South Rim is your destination if you want to see Grand Canyon in its deepest as overlooks and trails are immensely available. In case you want to do a difficult trail but yet worth it, try Bright Angel Trail as this is the one which gets closer to Colorado River in one-day hike.

Allow yourself some time to go slow between Hermit’s Rest and Desert View Watchtower, stopping to appreciate each overlook carefully, trust us, you will not regret it.

Camping: Two campgrounds are available in the South Rim: Mather and Desert View. Desert View is closed for the winter (opened mid-April to mid-October) and it is first-come first-served basis, while Mather is open year-round.


Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park, Idaho, Montana and WyomingYou read right, Yellowstone National Park is spread throughout three states, but its headquarters and most of its area is in Wyoming. Here is where the famous Grand Prismatic Spring is located, but the oldest national park in the US, established in 1872, has much more to offer and attractions as: Lone Star Geyser, Morning Glory Pool and Lamar River Trail are also must dos.

Day hikes are widely encouraged and divided by areas, additional activities are available in the park year-round, even during winter when skiing and snowshoeing are a big deal. Go for it if you are a real nature enthusiastic willing to experience something different from anything you have ever seen.

Due to is popularity, many visitor’s centers, lodging, restaurants are conveniently located to assist you.

Camping: Yellowstone National Park Lodges makes reservations for some options out of the 12 campgrounds available in the park. For first-come first-served basis, check NPS website.


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